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June - December, 2005



Juried by Abby Bussel - Executive Editor, Architecture magazine, New York

First Place:

Lynn Saville, “Glow” (New York, NY, USA)

Second Place:

Natascha Unkart, “Brewery” (Los Angeles, CA, USA) 

Honorable Mentions:

Joanne Bartone, “American Indian Museum” (Pittsburg, PA, USA) 

Angela Drury, “Passage” (San Francisco, CA, USA)
Bernadette Feely, “Airport Terminal” (UK)
Julia Fullerton-Batten, “Stag” (London, England)

Irene Jeruss, “Barn Door” (USA)
Diana Lucas Leavengood, “Abandoned Train Station” (St. Petersburg, FL, USA) 

Rhea Malinofsky, “Cityscape” (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
Petra Ruzickova, “Steeltown” (Czech Republic)
Heidi Schumann, “Unknown Soldier” (New York, NY, USA) 

Emma Tresemer, “Untitled” (San Francisco, CA, USA)


Juried by Michael DePirro, Senior Vice President, Group Creative Director, Deutsch Inc, New York

First Place:

Stephanie Graham, “Ghetto Fabulous Brandie” (Chicago, IL, USA)  

Second Place:

Wendy Gem, “Hidden Beauty of Mosquitoes” (Raleigh, NC, USA)  

Honorable Mentions:

Clarissa Leahy, “Girl Hanging” (UK)
Diana Lucas Leavengood, “Maggie Dreams of Travel” (St. Petersburg, FL, USA)  

Serena Lee, “Pear Shape” (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)
Marla McDonald, “Biological Clock" (Dallas, TX, USA)
Jenny Okun, “Ironworks Nude” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Monica Orozco, “California Dreaming” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Lisa Raimondi, “Trunk” (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
Erin Schroeder, “Black Kenya” (San Francisco, CA, USA)
Dana Spaeth, “Eggs” (San Francisco, CA, USA)
Constance Vepstas, “Outdoor Sculpture” (USA)


Juried by Valerie May - Senior Editor of New Media, National Geographic magazine, Washington DC

First Place:
Lois Mason, “Autumn Flight" (Greenbank, WA, USA) 

Second Place:
Carolyn E. Wright, “Running Horse” (Atlanta, GA, USA)  

Honorable Mentions:

Eden Batki, “Half Brown Leaf” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Cathy Bruegger, “Waterlilies” (Norwalk, CT, USA) 

Seanna Cronin, “Turtle” (Miami, FL, USA)
Ellen Cantor, “Monet’s Pond” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Idell Conaway, “Purple Furl” (USA)
Stacy Garry, “Golden Falls” (Las Vegas, NV, USA)  

Stacy Garry, “Nature’s Ballet” (Las Vegas, NV, USA)  

Catherine Ellen Money, ”Dizzy” (Los Angeles, CA, USA) 

Kathleen Taylor, “Hotscape” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)  

Carolyn E. Wright, “Flying Egret” (Atlanta, GA, USA)  


Juried by Tyra Banks - Supermodel, TV/Film Producer, Bankable Productions. Founder, TZONE Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

First Place:

Andrea Thompson, “Kate” (New York, NY, USA) 

Second Place:

Dorothy O’Connor, “Dress” (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Honorable Mentions:
Babs Armour, “Bathing Beauty” (New York, NY, USA)
Ivy Bigbee, “Freudian Slip” (Centreville, VA, USA) 
Haleh Bryan, “Daylight” (San Francisco, CA, USA) 

Angela Burke, “Carousel” (Seattle, WA, USA)
Christa Junqueira, “Casey” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Carey More, “Tere” (Los Angeles, CA, USA" 

Carrie Schechter, “Bird of Paradise” (USA)
Hannan Saleh, “Sheba” (Philadelphia, PA, USA) 

Ilona Wellmann, “Red” (Gummersbach, Germany)
Liz Garza Williams, “A Moment” (San Antonio, TX, USA) 

Juried by Suzanne Donaldson - Photography Director, Glamour magazine, New York

First Place:

Hannan Saleh, “Visionary” (Philadelphia, PA, USA) 

Second Place:

Amy Postle, “Valentine” (New York, NY, USA)  

Honorable Mentions:

Haleh Bryan, “Daylight” (San Francisco, CA, USA) 

Beth Chucker, “Emmalee” (Los Angeles, CA, USA) 

Lauren Foster, “Untitled #3” (USA)
Mimi Haddon, “Dana” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Cel Jarvis, “Jolene” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Cel Jarvis, “Monterey” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Christa Junqueira, “Spring” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Amy Postle, “Angie” (New York, NY, USA )

Jo Ann Toy, “Clara” (New York, NY, USA)
Cynthia Zordich, “Vulnerability” (Canfield, OH, USA)  


Juried by Anne Telford - Editor-at-Large, Communication Arts, Menlo Park, CA

First Place:
Janet Century, “Embrace” (Cleveland, OH, USA) 

Second Place:

Julia Fullerton-Batten, “Butterflies” (London, England) 

Honorable Mentions:
Kimberly Bamberg, “Angus Belly” (Seattle, WA, USA)
Elizabeth Barnette, “Lolita” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Cathleen Calkins, “Street Scene – Tinque, Peru” (Los Angeles, CA, USA) 

Vicky Collins, “Madonnas” (Englewood, CO, USA)
Gabriela Fiscu, “White Smoke” (Portland, OR, USA)  

Claudia Goetzelmann, “Monica” (San Francisco, CA, USA) 

Dawn Kish, “Alexa at the Dollhouse" (USA)
Clarissa Leahy, “Lucy” (UK)
Teresa Sims, “Waiting” (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Aline Smithson, “My Mother's Ashes” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)  


Juried by Charlie Holland - Director of Photography, Getty Images, Los Angeles, CA

First Place:
Annabel Clark, “Injections in Bed” (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Second Place:
Olivia Barrionuevo, “My Special Day
” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Honorable Mentions:
Adrienne Burk, “DNC Listening Tour” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Adrienne Burk, “Chedung, China” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Lise Dumont, “Township Woman” (Belmont, CA, USA)
Lori Epstein, “Modern Bride” (New York, NY, USA)
Cathy Greenblat, “Alzheimers Care - Goodbye Mary Lou” (USA/Nice, France) 
Cat Jimenez, “Philippines 1” (Los Angeles, CA, USA) 

Cheryl Maeder, “Beauty Pageant” (San Francisco, CA, USA)
Rania Matar, “Handicapped Refugees and Santa, Palestinian Refugee Camp, Lebanon” (Brookline, MA, USA) 

Betty Press, “Beauty Attracts Beautiful Thoughts. - African Proverb” (USA) 
Serena Stucke, “Untitled” (USA)

Juried by Carol McCusker, PhD - Curator of Photography, Museum of Photographic Arts (MoPA), San Diego, CA

First Place:
Rania Matar, “Posters, Beirut Lebanon” (Brookline, MA, USA)  

Second Place:
Annabel Clark, “In the Pool” (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Honorable Mentions:
Beverley Abramson, “Roxana, Cuba” (Canada)
Catherine Bauknight, “Badwater” (Los Angeles, CA, USA) 

Lyndie Benson, “Village Women Holding Hands" (Los Angeles, CA, USA) 

Adrienne Burk, “Belize Church” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Sveva Costa Sanseverino, “Washer Girls” (New York, NY, USA)
Lori Epstein, “Jerusalem” (New York, NY, USA)
Cat Jimenez, “Morocco” (Los Angeles, CA, USA) 

Betty Press, “Beauty Attracts Beautiful Thoughts. - African Proverb” (USA) 

Heidi Schumann, “Badiaa” (New York, NY, USA ) 
Amiran White, “Queen for a Day” (Harrisburg, PA, USA) 


Juried by Clare Freestone - Assistant Curator of Photographs, National Portrait Gallery, London

First Place:
Julia Fullerton-Batten, “Waterhose” (London, England)

Julia Fullerton-Batten, “Crisps” (London, England) 

Second Place:

Siri Kaur, "Erin, San Francisco, California" (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Siri Kaur, "Julia, Los Angeles, California" (Los Angeles, CA, USA) 

Honorable mentions:
Fiona Aboud, “Mãe de Carnaval” (New York, NY, USA)
Michal Chelbin, “Xenia on a Couch” (Israel)
Soo-Jin Cho, “Untitled” (New York, NY, USA) 

Claudia Goetzelmann, “William” (San Francisco, CA, USA)  

Lucy Gray, “Honor at the Stairs” (San Francisco, CA, USA)
Mimi Haddon, “Amy T” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Cat Jimenez, “Filipino Book Project 1” (Los Angeles, CA, USA) 

Amanda Koster, “This is Beautiful 11” (Seattle, WA, USA)
Cheryl Maeder, “Bathing Beauties” (San Francisco, CA, USA)
Anne Summa, “Las Gemelas” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)


Juried by Alfonso Gutierrez - Editor/Managing Director, AGE Fotostock, Barcelona

First Place:
Wendy Farrow, “Someone Else's Eyes” (Toronto, ON, Canada) 

Second Place:

Christa Junqueira, “Joy” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Honorable Mentions:

Melinda Bäumle, “Red Pear” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Carol Carmichael, “Calla” (Lumberville, PA, USA)
Angela Drury, “Whorl” (San Francisco, CA, USA)
Judy Mandolf, “Stargazer” (San Diego, CA, USA )

Colleen Meacham, “Two Calla Leaves” (Kirkland, WA, USA) 

Kathleen Prutting, ”10am, Saturday Morning” (USA)
Sheryl Maree Reily, “Still Life with Nude” (Ester, AK, USA)
Trish Simonite, ” Tradescant Autumn Leaves” (San Antonio, TX, USA) 

Kathleen Taylor, “Art Center” (Los Angeles, CA, USA) 

Melanie Temmer, ”Leaf in Sand” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)


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