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Michael DePirro, Senior Vice President, Group Creative Director, Deutsch Inc, New York

First Place:
Stephanie Graham, (Chicago, IL, USA)
“Ghetto Fabulous Brandie”


Second Place:
Wendy Gem, (Raleigh, NC, USA) 

“Hidden Beauty of Mosquitoes”

Honorable Mention:
Diana Lucas Leavengood, (St. Petersburg, FL, USA) 
“Maggie Dreams of Travel”


Honorable Mention:
Erin Schroeder, (San Francisco, CA, USA)
“Black Kenya”


Honorable Mention:
Clarissa Leahy, (UK)
“Girl Hanging”


Honorable Mention:
Jenny Okun, (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
“Ironworks Nude”


Honorable Mention:
Marla McDonald, (USA)
“Biological Clock"


Honorable Mention:
Monica Orozco, (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
“California Dreaming”


Honorable Mention:
Constance Vepstas, (USA)
“Outdoor Sculpture”


Honorable Mention:
Lisa Raimondi,(Brooklyn, NY, USA)


Honorable Mention:
Dana Spaeth, (San Francisco, CA, USA)


Honorable Mention:
Serena Lee, (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)

“Pear Shape”

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