Carolyn E. Wright
  - ( CHARTER MEMBER ) - Lake Tahoe, Neveda, USA
1)   Nature   2) Lecturer   3) Teacher  4) Workshops
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Carolyn E. Wright is a professional wildlife photographer. Her award-winning images have appeared in books, marketing materials and hang in private collections. She is working on several wildlife photo books, including "Wolfscapes," documenting the strength and beauty of wolves. Carolyn also shares her love for photography with her enthusiasm for the law. Trained as a top-flight attorney, Carolyn's legal practice is aimed squarely at the needs of photographers. Her website is <> and her book, "Photographer's Legal Guide," is an essential tool for any hobbyist or professional who needs to navigate the tricky legal issues of photography. Carolyn also enjoys teaching, writing and speaking about photography. 2005-June, Beauty Camera Eye of the Beholder - Environmental (2 awards)

Carolyn E. Wright PHOTOGRAPHY


Telephone: 775.588.5147 



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