Archive 18 - July - December 2004
July - December 2004

WIPI News Features___Archive 18 - July - December 2004

Sylvia Plachy to receive the 2004 Women In Photography Interntional Disginguished Photographers Award at the 2nd Annual 2004 Lucie Awards presentation, New York City, Manhattan Center, October 18, 2004
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2003 Distinguished Photographers Award, Women In Photography International Annie Leibovitz the Achievement Lucie Award at international photo awards -- . See WIPI Photos  

Patrizia Pulga, A Day in the Life of Lithuania

The experience "LITHUANIA 24 hours" was organized by the photographic agency INNA, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. The aim was to involve some lithuanian photographers and other photographers from many parts of the world in taking pictures at the eve of the entrance of their country into the European Union. A book release is scheduled for October 2004

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Stephanie Flack   People's Choice: Gabrielle Gianella
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President's Letter___Archive 18 - July - Dec 2004

President's Letter, Jean Ferro, September 2004


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    International Photo Awards GALA 2004 NY Banquet

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  • The Photographic Collector, Photogarphic Art Market volumes.
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  • Allworth Book Selection - Focus on Profit by Tom Zimberoff, includes PhotoByte® business management software on CD-Rom (Mac/PC)

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  • Sylvia Plachy
  • Annie Leibovitz
  • Joyce Tenneson
  • Susan Sontag

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