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Tyra Banks - Supermodel, TV/Film Producer, Bankable Productions. Founder, TZONE Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

First Place:
Andrea Thompson,  (New York, NY, USA) 


Second Place:
Dorothy O’Connor, (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Honorable Mention:
Carrie Schechter, (USA)
“Bird of Paradise”


Honorable Mention:
Hannan Saleh, (Philadelphia, PA, USA) 


Honorable Mention:
Babs Armour, (New York, NY, USA)
“Bathing Beauty”


Honorable Mention:
Ivy Bigbee, (Centreville, VA, USA) 
“Freudian Slip”


Honorable Mention:
Carey More, (Los Angeles, CA, USA)



Honorable Mention:
Haleh Bryan, (San Francisco, CA, USA)  



Honorable Mention:
Ilona Wellmann, (Gummersbach, Germany)


Honorable Mention:
Christa Junqueira, (Los Angeles, CA, USA)


Honorable Mention:
Angela Burke, (Seattle, WA, USA)


Honorable Mention:
Liz Garza Williams, (San Antonio, TX, USA)
“A Moment”

View Fashion Gallery juried by Suzanne Donaldson,
Director of Photography, Glamour Magazine


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