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Patrizia Pulga, Bologna, Italy
Mostra fotografica contro la violenza sulle donne
(solo exhibition against violence upon women)
Archiginnasio Library in Bologna, Italy (November 9th – 30th)

The title is NO MORE, like the main slogan of the worldwide demonstration One Billion Rising, which celebrated a day of struggle against the violence upon women on February 14th 2013: on that day one billion people in 207 countries rose and danced to demand an end to violence against women and girls.

recorded interview with Patrizia in Italian
Mostra fotografica contro la violenza sulle donne - Solo exhibition against violence upon women, Archiginnasio Library in Bologna, Italy

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2013 - OUT OF FOCUS, Juried Exhibition placement + Honorable Mention
Jurors Claudia James Bartlett Director/Stephen Cohen Gallery /Co-Producer, Director, photo la, Cat Jimenez Co-Founder, Month of Photography LA / Director, Lucie Foundation, Allegra Wilde Founder, Chief Operations Officer/Eyeist, Online Photography Reviews, Jo Garden, Editor/PQ Blackwell LTD, MILKbooks, Susan Spiritus/Susan Spiritus Gallery - Winners: Tasha Barrie, Michele Zousmer, Rhonda Forsberg, Maria Errico, Heather Buckley

WIPI 2013 Annual Competition

Editta Sherman 101 year old Duchess of Carnegie Hall / NYC
WIPI Distinguished Photographer
"Remember it is not the camera,
but the person behind the camera that makes the difference!"
Editta Sherman

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  • Sylvia Plachy
  • Annie Leibovitz
  • Joyce Tenneson
  • Susan Sontag

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2008 Distinguished Photographer Distinguished, Established, Emerging, Debutante 100 combined Awards
CARRIE MAE WEEMS receives the 2005 WIPI Distinguished Award
"My responsibility as an artist is to work, to sing for my supper, to make art, beautiful and powerful, that adds and reveals; to beautify the mess of a messy world, to heal the sick and feed the helpless; to shout bravely from the rooftops and storm barricaded doors and voice the specificity of our historical moment."

Carrie is Represented by Charles Gluce Contemporary / Berkeley, CA

SYLVIA PLACHY  receives the 2004 WIPI Distinguished Award at the 2nd Annual Lucie Awards presentation / NYC
Los Angeles, CA. September 14, 2004 - Women In Photography International (WIPI), a non-profit organization established in 1981, is proud to announce Sylvia Plachy as the winner of its Distinguished Photographer Award 2004. Together with International Photography Awards (IPA) and its Lucie Awards, WIPI bestows this high honor annually to women who exemplify the highest standards and dedication to the art of photography

PHOTOS:  Backstage, Awards - Adrien Brody Clip - Private Party
ANNIE LEIBOVITZ  WIPI Distinguished Award International Photo Awards 1st Annual LUCIE Award Presentation / Beverly Hills
'Annie is an inspiration to every women working in photography today, she is a very talented artist, and business woman, a combination that spells success."
Women In Photography International (WIPI) is proud to announce Annie Leibovitz as the winner of our Distinguished Photographer Award 2003. A collaboration with International Photography Awards enables WIPI to continue a time honored tradition of presenting an award to one of the top artists in the field of photography.

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