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October 26, 2011 letter ...already the end of October!


WIPI started the year with a power pack..! photo la was tremendous. Charter Members, Carol Henry and Candace Biggerstaff and daughter Callie helped to produce an excellent presentation booth at photo la, XX 2011. Check out both WIPI online and Facebook pictures.

It's now time for WIPI to expand and create an environment with a gallery, social space and collaborations with other organizations to produce outreach, onsite exhibitions and educational programs. No sense in just competing for programs, rather find the collaborations that benefit everyone. Stephen Cohen's photo la has been a very successful program for WIPI and its members.

Looking to create a new and combined Advisory Board to look deep into the WIPI Archive of 30 years which is archived as an online resource. We've made the advancement to the super highway web in 1999 and are now progressing into social media as well. Social media outlets brings people together to share their work and friendships. WIPI can be found on both Facebook and Twitter.

The opportunities abound for the new entrepreneur arts administrator who's savvy with technology and it's potential.
WIPI has a wonderful history and longevity of promoting women's work. Our Distinguished Photographer Award and photographer list represents the most credentialed women in the photo history.

See our list of exhibitions and visit our Member Roster to review the PhotoProfiles as well as links to members websites. And if you are looking to hire a photographer, check out Hire-A-WIPI-PRO.

If you would like to nominate someone for our Advisory Board, please send me an email. Please note Advisory Board in the subject line.

We just posted another wonderful article by Patrizia Pulga from Bolongna, Italy. WOMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS IN TUNISIA "Artocracy" DURING THE JASMIN REVOLUTION an art project created by graffiti artist JR..
Focus on Peace....

Jean Ferro
Photo Artist / President WIPI

The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island will close on Miss. Liberty's B'day, Oct. 28 until next October 2012 for repair. I share the same B'day as Miss Liberty... and started a project in 1985 as a tribute to my Grandmother who told wonderful stories about arriving in America, seeing the Statue of Liberty and having the opportunities that America offered. She lived to be 100+ and had an incredibly wonderful, wholesome life in a Bucks County PA living in a turn-of-the-century farm house. I am very blessed to have her in my life.

If you are a WIPI PRO member, send along your stories to Keep it no longer than 1000 words and just send the story. Once approved we will send you info about where to upload your photos.

Do you have a connection to your community? Local, National, or International?
Visit our request for Member submissions to the WIPI Archive of Community Outreach



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