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Archive 6 - April - June 2001

Spring Issue - April, 2001

Jean Ferro - President's Letter

As the new life force fills the blossoms of spring to brighten our days, so to is Women In Photography International too, is growing and glowing. After just one year on line, the WIPI organization is firmly rooted and has branched out, reaching women from around the world. Visitors from over 65 countries such as Pakistan, Rumania, Turkey, Singapore, South Africa, Finland, Russia, Chile, Japan, Spain, Germany, Canada, France and Israel, just to name a few, have visited our web site.

Our foreign language translator link enables viewers to read the text in any one of six different languages and we recently added a foreign currency exchange rate option. We are also incorporating the original source language into WIPI articles and gallery highlights in recognition of our being part of a global community.

In this Quarter, we welcome two new advisory board members, Joyce Tenneson, acclaimed fine art photographer who was awarded the Women In Photography International Distinguished Photographers Award in 1990 and Dorie Ford, Executive Director of Advertising Photographers of America/Los Angeles (APA), whose 19 years of experience working within APA will be a valuable asset to our organization.

WIPI is pleased to announce that the 2001 "Distinguished Photographer Award" goes to Annie Leibovitz for her fine work and stunning career achievements. A newly created annual "Spotlight Award" will be given to avant-garde artist-photographer Florence Henri (1893-1982) Details and biographies will be posted to the site in the coming month.

In our "Galleries" this quarter, the featured artist is Helen K. Garber, Helen's stunning "Noir Series" is a fine art collectible and an excellent example of her talent as a professional photographer. Joanne Chilton, of Canada, brings poetry, sensitivity and visual texture to her colorful abstracts in our General Member gallery. New to our line-up is the Student Gallery and we are pleased to present Amy Buglass, a creative high school student, whose desire to pursue photography as a career is already off to a good start. Amy is also the recipient of our Student Award membership program. The Historical gallery takes us on an adventure to the year of 1895, "The New Woman's Camera ... Miss Mary Winslow Travels All Over the Country in a Cart Taking Photographs" article from the San Francisco Examiner.

The "F2-eZine's WIPI News brings to light Nancy Clendaniel's, "Jazz series." Nancy, former Director of WIPI has an incredible stock library of Jazz and Blues images past and present. Nancy continues to work with musicians, shoot portraits and work on children's projects from Seattle to Russia. Mary Fehy, guides us on a wonderful "how to" adventure into the world of Pinhole photography with images that range from artistic expression to commercial application. From Belgium, artist Lisette Virelle combines painting and photography to create a new dimension using PhotoShop, to expand her vision and to capture the movement of her soul as expressed in the "WIPI articles from Abroad."

What are the collectors looking for?...The SEEN/SCENE section in our "Gallery Highlights" area gives us a glimpse of what's desirable and collectible ... survey responses from female owned galleries who participated in gallery presentation for collectors at Photo LA.

Speaking of collectors, the revolutionary Epson printers and inks are something to pay attention to. Looks like this could raise the level of prices for "color" digital print files, because of their archival quality images can last up to 200 years, three times longer than the classic Cibachrome or Iris prints. This is truly "Industry News". Take the time to follow the link at the bottom of the article to the #1 researcher, Henry Wilheim's site and read the "archival stats" on inks, papers and printers.

This issue's "Marketing News" recaps all of the articles by marketing guru Maria Piscopo. Also, Kathryn Golden writes "How to Love a Contract", an inspirational approach to finding ways to create a business agreement.

Our "Book Review" by Carole Garber is "Seizing the Light" A History of Photography, authored by Robert Hirschan. Also see the new listing for Peter Palmquist's long awaited "Pioneer Photographers of the Far West," A Biographical Dictionary, 1840-1865 by Peter E. Palmquist and Thomas R. Kailbourn.

Due to so many requests, we've expanded our Photography Links, Education section to include links to schools offering "scholarships."

The tea pot whistle is blowing...WIPIÍs 20th Anniversary call for entries "International Tea Time" THEME has been EXPANDED to include two categories, "images of women" and "images of tea". The DEADLINE has been EXTENDED to JUNE 1st USA, (May 25th outside USA). We are receiving responses from around the world. Anyone in the Los Angeles area who would like to participate as a volunteer, please contact us.

A special "thank you" to our volunteers this past quarter, Karen Buglass for putting together the Scholarship School List; Fay Masterson who is responding to the Scholarship information requests and Chris Damron who gathered a list of funding opportunities. And as always, a very special thank you to Amie Vanderford-Pfaff, our webmaster who so patiently handles our site updates and edition changes. Her contribution is valued by all, which is evident from the glowing responses we constantly receive about the WIPI web site. For example, we were chosen as "Pick of the Week" by Mac, New Zealand web site reviewer.

Remember to add the link to your web site or list your affiliation to Women In Photography International on your resume. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Focus on having a wonderful day.

Jean Ferro

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For articles, see f2 eZine Content Archive 6 - Apr - Jun 2001