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© Bea Ahbeck / USA
"Aids Crisis in Uganda" 2005,
Mbarara District, UGANDA
digital print
Bea Ahbeck / ZUMA Press / Ben Lomond, California / USA

Bea Ahbeck is a young photographer on a mission. The concerned photojournalist has a passion for uncovering social injustice in our backyards and around the world. Based in Northern California, Ahbeck has been a staff photographer for ANG Newspapers since 1999. She currently shoots for Argus, ANG's main daily in Fremont, where she's won first place honors in three California news photography competitions. Ahbeck is a New England School of Photography graduate. In 1997 she participated in the Eddie Adams workshop before moving into newspaper photography. She is represented worldwide by ZUMA Press.

© Joan Almond
 / USA
"Nomad Loom, Tozeur Desert, Tunisia"  2001
platinum/palladium print (6 1/2" x 9")

Joan Almond / Malibu, California / USA

Over the last thirty years, Joan became intrigued with the complicated cultures and history of Israel and the primitive peoples of the remote deserts of the Sahara and India. Her work in Israel culminated in her first of over a dozen exhibitions in 1987. She then mainly concentrated on desert village life in North Africa and India. Her recent book, The Past in the Present, contains many of these images. More recently, she has been wandering the remote Canadian Northeast photographing
abandoned villages and grand icebergs. Joan does all her own printing and is included in many private, corporate, and museum collections.

WIPI PhotoProfile

Archive 13, Jan/March Joan Almond: The Past in the Present

photo l.a. 2003

© Lilyan Aloma
"Crossing Town" 2002, Manhattan
fiber based, silver gelatin

Lilyan Aloma / New York City, New York / USA

Lilyan is a self-taught photographer who began her photo journey in 1982. Working exclusively in black and white, her focus was portraiture and children, which led to the start of a commercial children’s studio and to her ongoing commitment to documenting children. More recently, Lilyan’s interest in children has expanded to the teaching of photographic literacy to children ages 10 – 18. As a fine artist, Lilyan has lent her eye to landscape and architecture. “Billscapes,” the current body of work is her personal view of Manhattan’s marriage to media driven messages. It is homage to her roots in traditional photography and the “art of seeing.”


© RuthAnne Anderson / USA
"A Playful Winter Day, Colorado" March, 2006
digital Canon EOS 20D 1/500 f/9 ISO 400

RuthAnne Anderson / Kingston, Georgia / USA

 "Since I was a very young girl I had a camera in my hand. I am passionate for people, nature & sports and this is easily seen through my photographs. Taking pictures started as a passion and continues now as my profession. My business began, as a prayer answered." Published works include: Cover Darlington School Magazines (2005 & 2006), Darlington's mass advertising. Rome News Tribune; front page news, Young Romans and the sports section. The Friesian Saddle & Bridle and Greater Rome Chamber of Commerce
(magazines 2006). Hometowns: California, Belize, US Virgin Islands, Kentucky, Florida, & now
Northwest Georgia


© Alexandra Baer /
"Gray, Parking Lot" February 2006
fiber based print

Alexandra Baer / Santa Barbara, California / USA

In 1992, at the age of thirteen, Alexandra Baer, received her first Kodak 35mm camera as a gift from her grandfather.
Since then, she has always had a camera to present her life through photography. Alexandra documents people, animals and locations from all over the world. After studying, traveling and working abroad, she returned to Hamburg, Germany, were she was born and raised, and assisted many known photographers, in the realm of car, fashion, and advertising photography. She has also taken photographic travels to places like Cuba, Spain, Russia . Alexandra is currently fulfilling her lifelong dream by being a student at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California.


© Catherine Bauknight
"Bus Stop Viola"  2004
fiber based print

Catherine Bauknight / Los Angles, California / USA

My goal is to reflect the inner identity of people through portraits and the truth of uncensored stories through the language of light writing, as an Independent Photojournalist and ZUMA Press Contract Photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. To increase levels of communication and awareness, I shoot documentary stills and videography of endangered cultures, which enables indigenous people a voice to tell their own story. As the world is brought together through technology, I want to bridge the gaps of cultural understanding through the boundless power of photography.

Beauty, Camera Eye / Photojournalism/ Honorable Mention
WIPI Archive Gallery 15, 2003
Ruth Bernhard Tribute
WIPI PhotoProfile

© Christine Benjamin
"Courtney"  February 2006
digital Print

© Christine Benjamin
"Nya & Melissa"  July 2005
digital print

Christine Benjamin / Huntington, New York / USA

Christine Benjamin began studying photography as a way of self expression. She began making self portraits to help better understand her body and her self after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Soon after, she began photographing other women who have survived breast cancer. Christine uses the images that are at once, difficult yet beautiful to tell the individual story of each woman she has photographed. Christine has won the first annual Capelli d'Angeli Foundation juried art show in 2006, has had her first solo show in June 2006 at Magnolia Design Gallery, Huntington, NY.


© Carol Bishop
"Hollyhock Detail" Los Angeles
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House
January, 2005
digital print
Carol Bishop / Los Angeles, California / USA

Carol Bishop’s photography engages underlying issues of architecture. She reveals how styles, agendas, power, philosophy and the creator’s vision are employed to create architecture of substance and meaning. Among her subjects are Le Corbusier, I. M. Pei, F. L. Wright, Greene and Greene, Gehry and other notable designers. Her work has been exhibited in the USA and internationally at the Louvre, Huntington Museum, Taliesin. Her recent book is Frank Lloyd Wright: The Romantic Spirit. She states, "The challenge in photographing buildings is how to expand the discussions inherent in the original work, while adding even more layers of nuance.


© Sarah Bones
"New Arrivals,  Lugufu Refugee Camp"
June, 2003, Tanzania, Africa,
digital scan from the original b/w negative 

Sarah Bones / Malvern, Pennsylvania / USA

Sarah Bones saved for her first 35mm camera at age 13, in 1969. She was soon hitchhiking into Philadelphia so that she could photograph the lives and circumstances of people living on the street. As a professional photographer, her passion and courage in documenting people in need continued and has carried her to Africa, across Asia, Guatemala, Cuba and locally, into prisons, homeless shelters and the intensity of political campaigns. She uses her camera and vision to tell the stories of men, women, and children around the world who are voiceless and too often ignored by the popular media. 

WIPI PhotoProfile

© Dana Rene Bowler
"Barber Shop" August 2006

© Dana Rene Bowler
"Old Barber" August 2006,

Dana Rene Bowler / Ventura, California / USA

Dana Rene Bowler started shooting at the age of 12 when her father gave her a Pentax K1000 for her birthday. After graduating from high school, Dana Rene went to Moorpark College in California where she received an Associates Degree in Fine Art Photography. In 1994, Dana Rene transferred to Cal State Northridge. In 1996, Dana Rene received her Bachelors of Science in Photojournalism. Since graduating, Dana Rene has worked at several small newspapers. In 2000, she started to work freelance for the Ventura County Star newspaper. In 2002-present, she was hired as a full-time photographer. So far in Dana Rene's career, she has placed in several photojournalism contest. In 2003, Dana Rene won first place in a Women in Photojournalism Contest, and also placed in several NPPA and PPAGLA photo contests.

© Mary Bramley 
"Flora Street"  2000
Mary Bramley / Ottawa, Ontario / Canada

Mary Bramley is a Canadian photo-based artist. Her art and anthropology training converge to inform both her imagery and approach, exploring the relationships within and between built and non-built environments. Current projects include a surveying of social and cultural proximity within landscapes, in particular the suburban front lawn, and a collaboration with filmmaker, Kathy Sperberg, as principal photographer for miscellaneous symptoms, a feature-length experimental documentary film about scent and memory. Her work was recently in Contact 2006, Imaging a Global Culture – The 10th Anniversary of the Toronto Photography Festival, North America's largest annual photography event.

© Cathy Bruegger
/ USA 
"Chorus Line"  January 2005,
Fuji Film digital scan/ print, Epson premium luster paper

Cathy Bruegger / Wauconda, Illinois / USA

Cathy Bruegger first picked up a camera at age 10 using family and friends as subjects. Born and raised in Iowa, she left at 17 to learn her craft which included photography, drawing, fashion and film design, as well as art history. Artistic curiosity took her all over the country exploring and absorbing life on the East and West Coasts. She uses her camera to capture different artistic and cultural expressions and the lands that shape its inhabitants. Cathy's award winning images have been exhibited and collected in galleries and private collections.

WIPI PhotoProfile
Beauty Camera Eye / Environmental / Honorable Mention

© Natasha Calzatti
/ USA 
"Harlem Cross Walk" 1998, New York City
silver gelatin print

Natasha Calzatti / Los Angeles, California / USA

Natasha Calzatti honed her chops in the slums of Beverly Hills photographing a galaxy of urban stars for the likes of VIBE, THE SOURCE, and NEWSWEEK. Her keen ability to capture stories, attitudes and moods in her documentary work, soon landed youth oriented commissions for STARTER sports apparel, GIRL SCOUTS OF AMERICA and stills for WORLDCOM’S “Generation D” television spots. Her work has led to numerous gallery shows in Los Angeles and garnered awards from Women in Photography International as well as a nomination from NEWSWEEK for the Alfred Eisenstaedt Awards.

© Koro Cantabrana
/ Spain
"Biutz- Mueca" April, 2006 Ceuta. Spain Frontier of Ceuta, between Spain and Morocco
Koro Cantabrana / Tudela / Spain

Koro Cantabrana, journalist and photographer, Pamplona-Spain. Certificate in Photography, SMC, CA. She began producing a TV documentary about “Latino Gangs in LA”. Photographer and general consulting worked for ZH journal (Brazil). She taught photography at the Univ. of Navarra and actually at others schools, and collaborated with newspapers and news agencies. She photographs the marginal part of the society –specially those related to woman and children- in Cuba, Brazil, California, Missouri, Europe, Africa... Now, she works for different NGO’s –images, expositions- to sensitize the society about the need of a social change.

© Kathleen Carr
/ Hawaii
"Boat, Molokai II" 2003
archival pigment print of digital infrared
Kathleen T. Carr / Honaunau / Hawaii

Kathleen T. Carr, BFA Photography, is a professional and fine art photographer, internationally published author and instructor, whose work has been exhibited widely and purchased for private collections. Her photographs have been published in numerous books and periodicals. She has produced three books--To Honor the Earth: Reflections on Living in Harmony with Nature, (HarperSanFrancisco, 1991), Polaroid Transfers: A Complete Visual Guide to Creating Image and Emulsion Transfers (Amphoto Books, 1997), and Polaroid Manipulations: A Complete Visual Guide to Creating SX-70, Transfer, and Digital Prints (Amphoto Books, 2002), and was the photographer/photo editor for The Findhorn Garden (Harper & Row, 1975).


Polaroid Manipulations / A Complete Guide to Creating SX-70, Transfer, and Digital Prints
WIPI Archive 11, Gallery, 2002

© Kelly Caves
/ USA 
"Mouser" 2003
35 mm film scan digital

Kelly Caves / Long Beach, California / USA

Kelly is more interested in "catching the moment" as opposed to staging a scene. She uses her camera to capture expressions, looks and the overall feel of a situation or place. She enjoys taking images that represent part of the whole which, at times, can lend an abstract quality to her work and strives to stimulate curiosity in those viewing her images. Kelly travels extensively, her portfolio consists of images from South Africa, Botswana, Cuba and Ireland to name just a few. Fascinated with contrast, light and reflection Kelly shoots both film and digital. She has participated in photographic workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico and through National Geographic. Kelly's work has been displayed and sold at various study tours and galleries in New Mexico and California.


© Anna Chebukova
/ Russia
"Through the glass" #1
January 2006, S. Petersburg
hand made silver print

© Anna Chebukova
/ Russia
"Through the glass" #2
January 2006, S.Petersburg
hand made silver print

Anna Chebukova / Metallostroy, Saint Petersburg / Russia

Anna Chebukova took her first picture at the age of eighteen. Since those time camera is her best friend. In 2005 she graduated from Saint Petersburg photo school"Petersburg fotomasterskie". Now she is working only with black and white pictures and already has taken part in different Saint Petersburg exhibitions. She is not only a photographer but a musician as well so she is trying to make pictures the way people can hear music looking at them. Her best dream is to collaborate this two different areas of art.

© Michal Chelbin
"Mickey and Amir"  Russia 2004
silver gelatin print

© Michal Chelbin
"Grandfather"  Russia 2003
silver gelatin print
Michal Chelbin / Forest Hills, New York / USA

Michal Chelbin was born and raised in Israel. She began taking photographs at the age of 15 and after high school she served as a photographer in the Israel Defense Force spokesmen unit. After her military service, she worked as a photographer for several newspapers in Israel. In 2001 she graduated with honors from the photography department of the Wizo Academy of Design and Education in Haifa, Israel. Her work has been exhibited in the U.S, Europe and Israel, and is included in several private and public collections in the U.S and Israel.

© Berta A. Daniels / USA
"Ché at the River"  July, 1997
archival digital print
Berta A. Daniels / Maynard, Maine / USA

Throughout her life and career, Berta A. Daniels has dedicated herself to creating fresh and visually exciting images. A native of the Boston area, Berta attended the Art Institute of Boston, where she majored in Photography and Sculpture. Her fine art photography has been described as theatrical, painterly, spiritually transformational and richly provocative. As she explores the figure in the landscape she invites an artistic collaboration, creating images that examine some of the metaphors connecting us to the land, nature and our inner essence. Berta's more commercial work focuses on creating images for the music industry, travel, food and fashion. For more than fifteen years she has been working as a freelance lifestyle photographer for magazines, books and other publications as well as corporate and private clients. 

Berta A. Daniels 

© Monica Denevan / USA
"Matador,  Burma" 2003
silver print

© Monica Denevan / USA
"Suspended, Burma" 2005

silver print

© Monica Denevan / USA
"Across the River, Burma" 2004
silver print

 Monica Denevan / San Francisco, California / USA

 Monica Denevan’s intimate portraits depict the male figure within a spare and graphic river setting. Integrating expressive gestures of form with the natural environment, she creates a sculptured look with poetic resonance. In a classical style, Denevan’s lyrical images are at once emotionally taut yet languid. Monica Denevan’s work is represented by White Room Gallery where she had a solo exhibition in 2005. In 2006, her photographs were included in two group exhibitions at Scott Nichols Gallery. In addition, Denevan’s images have been published in Black and White Magazine, CameraArts, Communication Arts, and The Photo Review.



© Yvonne de Rosa / London
"Catherine and David"  London, 2006
c-type print

© Yvonne de Rosa
/ London
"Boy in the Taxi" london, 2005
c-type print

Yvonne De Rosa / London / UK

Yvonne De Rosa was born in Naples in 1975. She earned a Degree Plus Distinction at “Federico II” University of Naples, Italy, and a PG Cert. in photography at Central St. Martin’s, University of London. De Rosa’s photographs have been exhibited with the Cynthia Corbett Galleries in London, Glasgow, Wimbledon, and New York, and are part of the private collection of Arco in Madrid. In late 2005, her work was showcased as part of “One Gallery, One Night, One Chance: Emerging Women In Photography,” sponsored by Kodak and Women in Photography International. Her most recent exhibition was held at “24” in London’s Trafalgar Square. De Rosa lives and works in London as a freelance  photographer.

© Joan Dooley / USA
"Nimbus" Santa Monica, CA, 2000
fiber based, silver gelatin digitally mastered

Joan Gallant Dooley / Pasadena, California / USA

A fine art documentary photographer & art historian, Joan's style has been described as “decisive moment meets Jan Vermeer.” After earning a Master’s degree in Art History, she has worked in various aspects of the photography field - photojournalism, museum curator and now education – each new venture serving to further invigorate her passion for the medium. She was Assistant Curator of Photographs at the J. Paul Getty Museum where she worked for twelve years. While continuing to actively exhibit her own work, for the past ten years she has worked as an award-winning photo teacher in LA's inner city.

Joan Dooley website
WIPI PhotoProfile
Viva America, Immigration 2006
Ruth Bernhard Tribute
Decisive Moments/ Amateur, Honorable Mention 2X
virtual*visual / People/Amaetur, Honorable Mention

© Maya Dreilinger / USA
"The Secret" Los Angeles, CA
February 2001
fiber based print

 Maya Dreilinger / Beverly Hills, California / USA

Born in Israel; Educated in Santa Cruz, Paris, Vienna, and Tel
Aviv, Maya finally received her BFA from the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. Dreilinger's most recent work, "LaBrea on Robertson " depicted Hasidic subculture in socially diverse Los Angeles. She is currently at work on "Americans Express: portraits from Skid Row/ Hope Central."

e-mail: Maya Dreilinger
WIPI PhotoProfile

© Elaine Ellman
"Quadrille Ball, Sheraton Hotel"
New York, 1987

Elaine Ellman / New York City, New York / USA

My photography is shaped by: my great mentor, Lisette Model, and by the act of photographing. Lisette taught me to remain open to the sensual aspects of the subject, i.e. the rhythm of form; years of shooting a lot of film taught me how to do that, at times, successfully. Work in the b/w darkroom brought me closer to the expression the subject of the photograph demanded. In photoshop I work in heaven, currently on lifestyle images of children in color for corporate and advertising clients. My clients, ranging from Vogue, the New York Times to Vibe and the Village Voice, know my negatives are the raw material so selects are made from my work prints or jpegs. The personal projects I pursue are influenced by my background in social


© Margaret Evans
"The Muses" 2005
digital image composite from a combination of film, liquid emulsions, scanned and digital camera images

Margaret P. Evans / Shippensburg, Pennsylvania / USA

Margaret Evans is a photographer and an Associate Professor of photography and digital imaging in the Communication/Journalism Department at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania. She has worked in all forms of photography for more than 30 years, including documentary, landscape, portraiture, and digital imaging. Her photographic work has taken her to Africa, the Far East, Europe, Canada, and across the United States. Her photographs have been exhibited in 11 states and 4 countries. Her recent digital composites contain complex narratives, created by weaving together an intricate tapestry of original image elements and include Greek and Indian mythologies and Biblical allegories.



© Wendy Farrow, Canada
Pressée, June 2002
Wendy Farrow / Toronto, Ontario / Canada

Wendy Farrow was born in England in 1962. She has always had a passion for photography and all art forms. In 1996, she received an Award of Excellence from the Vancouver Film School in Multimedia and has been exploring the amalgamation of traditional and digital image-making. While living in Paris in 2002, Wendy took an interest in sculpture and now uses her own sculptures in her images. She was also inspired to bring painting and painting techniques into the digital mix. In 2005, her series called 'Paris, View from my Window' won third place in architecture at the International Photography Awards.

Beauty, Camera Eye /Still Life/ 1st Place Still Life
Ruth Bernhard Tribute

© Gloria Baker Feinstein
"Lone Figure" 2001, Germany
silver print

Gloria Baker Feinstein / Kansas City, Missouri / USA

Gloria Baker Feinstein started taking pictures at the age of three. She has spent many years in the photo world, both as a photographer and a photography dealer. She has published two books of her work, Convergence and Among the Ashes and has had work featured in magazines such as The Sun, Shots, and B&W. Feinstein has had solo shows at Blue Sky Gallery, The Photography Room Gallery, Dolphin Gallery and Sherry Leedy Gallery of Contemporary Art, to name a few. Her work can be found in several collections, including The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, The High Museum, The Center for Creative Photography and the Harry Ransom Center for Photography.

© Gabriela Fiscu
"Jezebel Holy Family Birthing Center" 2003
35mm print

Gabriela Fiscu / Portland, Oregon / USA

Immigrating to the US as a child, taught me the value of original self.  It also naturally sensitized me to the human struggle, endurance, and strength.  The lens is my alibi; with respect and sincere presence, I may be allowed to approach & see into anthers soul.  This is the ultimate experience: to connect, to understand, and to capture the emotion, the moment, LIFE itself. Curiosity, travel & passion, have incited me to be part of the “Where Hope Resides” Exhibit, PSU; publish in the Writer’s Journal, UP, & achieve Honorable Mention in the WIPI Beauty Exhibit.

e-mail: Gabriela Fiscu
WIPI PhotoProfile
Beauty Camera Eye / Lifestyle / Honorable Mention

© Stephanie Flack / USA
"Cambodian Schoolgirls" June 2001,
Phnom Penh

© Stephanie Flack
"Meditation, Varanasi, India"
January 2001

© Stephanie Flack
"Homeward Bound, Tibet"
July 1999

© Stephanie Flack
"Votive Offering, Varanasi, India"
January 2001

© Stephanie Flack
"Baby Monks, Yangon, Myanmar"
June 2001

© Stephanie Flack
"The Sweepers, Bakhtapur, Nepal"
February 2001

© Stephanie Flack
"The Jetty IV, Palm Island, Australia"
December 1999

Stephanie Flack / Los Angeles, California / USA

Stephanie Flack’s photographs express her need to capture the fleeting natural drama of life the instant it shows its face. Subjects are seen in frank moments of unrehearsed action and reaction amid environments familiar to them yet foreign to us, Flack’s images reveal lives lived in the raw, defenseless and vulnerable, yet evoke rich historical back stories about traditional cultures that have been around since time immemorial. With these poetic flyway moments Stephanie Flack captures societies on the brink of radical, inevitable change. A native of Australia, Flack compels us to look into the raw heart of the image, to see below the surface. Above all, Flack’s photographs seek to convey life’s unadorned zeal bursting forth through humans living seemingly ordinary lives in some of the world’s most extraordinary places.


© Erin Fogarty Owen / USA
"End of Summer" - Bethesda, Maryland
September, 2005
digital, fiber based print

Erin Fogarty Owen / Silver Spring, Maryland / USA

Erin Fogarty Owen is inspired by taking a photograph that tells a story or documents a life. Informal portraits, candid moments, and the cherished details of everyday life are the cornerstones to the stories Fogarty Photography helps tell. Erin's interest in documenting life through photography traces back to her childhood in the Midwest. Erin grew up in a family of journalists and photographers in Nebraska -- exactly where her love for black & white pictures began. Photos of Erin's have appeared in the Washington Post Magazine, People Magazine Yearbook, and on several NBC News programs including Meet the Press, Dateline, and the Today Show.

© Martina Gates / USA
"Sunbather,Russia"  May 1985
2 1/4 Rolleicord, Tri X Pan film,
fine art print / Ilford paper

Martina Gates / Lloyd Harbor, NY / USA 

Martina Gates got her first camera at the age of six. From that time on, her world has been full of photographic images. While still taking pictures herself, she was tapped on the shoulder by the modeling world and found herself in front of the lens for the next 20 years. Martina has worked with some of the best photographers in the world. Having never put her camera in storage, her passion for taking candid pictures has continued. She has come full circle to where she work best - behind the lens. 

© Cathy Greenblat / France
"Two Women at the Asilo" 2001,
Oaxaca, Mexico
film/scanned - digital print

© Cathy Greenblat
/ France
"Goodbye MaryLou" 2001,
Escondido, California,
film/scanned - digital print

Cathy Stein Greenblat / Nice / France

Cathy Greenblat PhD, a social documentary photographer, combines 35 years of experience as a Professor of Sociology (Rutgers University) with her passion for photography. Her recent projects have focused on the aged and possibilities of high quality institutional care for them. Her 2004 book, Alive with Alzheimer's (U of Chicago Press) which was excerpted and reviewed in many publications and yielded solo exhibitions in the US, Europe, and Japan was published in German in 2006. Cathy works from a home base in Nice, France most of the year and is a visiting researcher at the Universite Jean Monnet,

© Mariana Guevara / Mexico
"Road 1999, Mexico"
35mm film. scanned to digital

Mariana Guevara Aura / Ensenada, BC / Mexico

Mariana's photography is directed to recover the original sense of the term "to reveal", discover the secret, the hidden language of the things, the mystery. How many superposed images we are of ourselves? From where do we watch ourselves? With all her questions and without premeditation, Mariana is sent to the adventure, to the encounter of the unexpected thing, the act of revelation. "One causes, convokes, waits and suddenly, the image comes" and once is here You have to catch it ... Retain it, Live the moment as if it were true "then"... like a mirror, the image projects and they see it too!


© Cat Gwynn / USA
"Elina" 1992
silver gelatin fiber based print.

Cat Gwynn / Los Angeles, California / USA

Known for her distinct perspective and decisive eye, Cat Gwynn strives to reveal what's in-between the lines by capturing extraordinary moments within the context of something familiar, often lending itself to her darkly keen observations. After winning the first place award at the PCNW’s 8th Annual Photographic Competition and Exhibition, Sustaining Vision for her conceptual documentary piece, Hungry? - Buffet For A Ravenous Nation, the esteemed juror Anne Wilkes Tucker remarked, “Cat demonstrates with her strong photography an intelligence in speaking about our times and the depth of these images left a lasting impression”.


© Catherine Hall / USA
"Flower Girl" October, 2005
archival digital print

Catherine Hall / New York City, New York / USA

Catherine has been experiencing the world through the lens of her camera since she was sixteen. She has traveled the world extensively as a professional photojournalist, capturing images in over twenty countries including: India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, Peru, and Hungary. Her work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, PDN, The New York Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, American Photo, The Tribune, Rangefinder, and on the largest screens in Times Square, NY. Her photographs have won numerous international awards and have been exhibited in galleries in New York City and in the San Francisco Bay Area.


© Helen Harlan / USA
"Leading the Way" October 2, 2005,
Brussels BE,
Helen Harlan / Garden Grove, California / USA

Helen Harlan's love of travel has focused her photography skills on blending architecture and landscape photography into fine art. After a successful business career for a major Global company in Europe, Helen recently returned to the US- Los Angeles to realize her passion professionally. Seeing countries through her own photographic vision had become a wonderful passion for many years and she wanted to share the beauty of her global experience. Her current photography is digital, greatly influenced by European design and architecture and is in private collections in Belgium, England, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Bahrain, China, Singapore, and the US.

© Cheryl Hatch / USA
"Eritrea, The Cost of Conflict" November 1999, Eritrea, AFRICA

© Cheryl Hatch
"Image Title: Wonder Women of Eritrea"
November, 1999; Asmara, Eritrea, AFRICA
Cheryl Hatch / ZUMA Press / Covallis, Oregon / USA

ZUMA Press photojournalist Cheryl Hatch is a passionately committed documentary photographer. She is best known for her work in Iraq, Somalia, Liberia, Mozambique and Egypt, where she covered war and its impact on women and children for media worldwide. Her photographs and writing have been published in TIME, Newsweek, Paris Match, Stern, New York Times, and in books, including Game Face: What Does a Woman Athlete Look Like? and Texas 24/7. Her photos have exhibited around the world, including in the Smithsonian and the American University in Cairo. Cheryl is fluent in French and English and speaks Spanish and Arabic.

© Gray Hawn / USA
“Another Time” December, 1999, India
negative film, scanned then printed on 100% ragged fine art watercolor paper
Gray Hawn / Austin, Texas / USA

Movie stars, Presidents, Heads of States… Gray Hawn photographed the last formal portrait of her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco in the royal palace. That resulted in the commission for the official government postage stamp portrait of Prince Rainer III and Princess Grace. Her work hangs in the National Gallery of Washington DC and the Shakespearean Theatre of London. Gray’s art has won numerous “Best of Show” awards. In 1996 PPA of America awarded her the degree of Master Photographer for her photographic accomplishments. For Gray the romantic comes from moments of Grace. Gray says, “Photography is my voice.”


© Gail Howland / USA
"Megan" November 2004
fiber based silver gelatin print

 Gail Howland / San Marino, California / USA

Gail Howland is a fine art photographer based in California. After graduating with a degree in Art History from UC Berkeley, she moved to Europe for 10 years where she began taking photographs. She studied photography at Art Center College of Design where she recently completed her degree. Her work is about personal relationships between the camera and the subject. Her portraits of children examine the emotional space they inhabit and provide to the viewer a vision of childhood revealed by gestures and mannerisms. She also teaches at Art Center, as well as doing editorial assignments.


© Cat Jimenez / USA
"Members of Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon Tribe"
2003, San Pedro, California
digital File

Cat Jimenez / Beverly Hills, California / USA

Cat Jimenez, a first generation Filipino-American, fell in love with the camera and darkroom process in high school. After fine-tuning her skills at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, she started shooting both commercial and personal projects. She is dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of Filipino-American "movers and shakers" through the "Flip Book Project: Portraits of Filipino-Americans". Her work is inspired by world travels which has allowed to her see a diversity of cultures, traditions and peoples. Celebration and preservation of both photography and her culture are high priorities in her life. She is also the producer of the 2005 and 2006 Lucie Awards, the annual gala ceremony celebrating the greatest achievements in photography.

Beauty, Camera Eye / Photojournalism / Honorable Mention
Beauty, Camera Eye / Portraits / Honorable Mention
photo l.a. 2003
Archive 12, Oct. 2002, T-Zone. Tyra Banks Foundation

© Denise Johnson / USA
" Ellen" 2002
b/w film, scanned
print, archival paper, Epson Photo2400

© Denise Johnson
" Balance " 2004
b/w film, scanned
print, archival paper, Epson Photo2400

Denise Johnson / Williston, Vermont / USA

Denise Johnson was born in Newport, Vermont, on the U.S./Quebec border in 1952, and her lens has captured vivid and graceful moments of the human experience for over twenty-five years. She studied photography with John Doscher, of whom the Photography Society of America's prestigious John Doscher Memorial Award for classical photography was named, and graduated from Doscher's Country School of Photography at Woodstock, Vermont in 1970.  Johnson's photographs have been distributed by Avanti Press, Hallmark Cards, Borealis Press, Marcel Schurman Cards and other major publishers. From the beginning her primary interest has been, and remains, figuration.


© Victoria Khovalyg / Russia
"At the night meeting of Tatarian students in Moscow" April, 2006 Russian Federation Moscow-city.
 Victoria Khovalyg / Republic of Tuva / Russia

I am from Republic of Tuva, Russia. I am 28 year old. I have been taking photographs for about five years. I haven't any strictly defined style in photography but I more like to take pictures in ethnographic theme (people and traditional lifestyle), also I make photographs of scenery, nature.

© Anna Kilbridge / USA
"Unlit Cigarette" May, 2004
silver gelatin fiber print

Anna Kilbridge/ San Francisco, California/ USA

Anna Kilbridge is among the country's top family and wedding photographers. She is inspired by the intimacy of human self expression in common relationships and interactions, and how it is actualized through subtle physical gesture. Anna documents everyday life. Neither the moments nor the settings are monumental. The beauty of her photographs is in the ordinariness of the subject matter, the stuff of life we all experience. Anna's photographs reveal simple truths of the human condition. They are profound because they belong to each one of us, present whenever we pause and pay attention. 

© Candy Kuehl Van Winkle / USA
"Die Schraube-Thailand/Phi Phi Island"
April 2006

Candy Kuehl Van Winkle / Sherman Oaks, California / USA

Candy Kuehl Van Winkle was born in Berlin, Germany under the GDR (German Democratic Republic). Although, she was only 11 years old when the "wall" came down, this early period of her life was forever ingrained into her personality. Many of her photo work exhibits textures and colors the average person takes for granted, often things she was not exposed to under communist rule. She studied Photo Design in Berlin, graduating in 2002 as a state proofed Photo Designer. In 2005, she moved to Los Angeles and married a local artist. She is now experiencing life in her new home town. Besides
her interests in Photography she is a Digital Colorist and has a business painting custom wall designs for home and office.

© Joyce P. Lopez / USA
"Parallel Stories" New York City, NY
Sept. 2002
archival digital print

Joyce P. Lopez / Chicago, Illinois / USA

Joyce P. Lopez, is a photographer curious about other cultures, which has led her to many countries all over the world. Her award winning work has been exhibited in China, Istanbul, Europe and the USA. Going further than just pretty photos, she seeks a deeper meaning in her work; stylistically, her images are graphic, thoughtful and penetrating, composed with an artist’s eye. For her gritty, B & W street photography, she has perfected an in-camera, double exposure format, which addresses issues concerning our post 9/11 age. This series, contrasting two American cities, has recently been published in a book "NYC-CHGO X 2".

WIPI PhotoProfile

© Rania Matar / USA
"The Doll, Beirut Lebanon" July, 2005
silver gelatin, fiber based print

© Rania Matar / USA
"Three Generations, Tyre Lebanon" July 2005
silver gelatin print / fiber based paper

Rania Matar / Brookline, Massachusetts / USA

Originally trained as an architect at Cornell University, Rania Matar studied photography at the New England School of Photography and in Oaxaca Mexico with the Maine Photographic Workshops. She currently works as a freelance photographer and focuses on the Middle East photographing the changes that are occurring. She has been documenting the spread of the veil among Moslem women in Lebanon and the different meanings it entails from modesty and religious devotion to fashion and political statement. Rania has exhibited her work locally in the Boston area and nationally in juried and solo shows. Her work was recently published in B&W magazine as a recipient of the excellence award, and in Shots magazine for the Documentary Project. This summer her images will be exhibited in Argentina and in Aleppo in Syria as part of photography festivals.

© Heather McClintock/ USA
"Alema Rose, Aler IDP Camp, Uganda" 2006
digital file, Epson Ultrachrome prints

© Heather McClintock / USA
"Akullu Evelyn and Akello Mildred,
Abia IDP Camp, Uganda" 2006
digital file, Epson Ultrachrome prints

Heather McClintock / Boone, North Carolina / USA

Raised in rural northern Vermont, Heather has been fascinated since childhood with recording peoples lives and their place in the world. Though working in NY was amazing  and challenging, she felt no real sense of purpose or accomplishment. In Uganda, she found her passion for documenting the interconnectedness of us all - the human struggle and the human spirit, life and death, war and love. Recent awards, exhibitions and publications: First Prize, 2006 Photo Review International Photography Competition. Philadelphia's University of the Arts' Gallery 1401, Fall 2006. Included in 2006 Photography Now: 100 Portfolios. Shots Magazine, Issue #92, July 2006.


© Leah Missbach Day / USA
"Club Cratty Summer Assembly"
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, July, 2000
silver gelatin print

© Leah Missbach Day
"Whitey Tighties Summer Assembly" Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, July, 2000
silver gelatin print

© Leah Missbach Day
"Mia Summer Assembly" Lake Geneva, Wisconsin,  July, 2000
silver gelatin print

Leah Missbach Day / Chicago, Illinois / USA

Leah Missbach Day is drawn to people in transition and has found that teenagers tend to epitomize this state. Thus her photographic subjects range from gang kids and pregnant foster girls, to middle class teens, Unitarian summer campers and boarding school boys.  Missbach Day earned her MFA from Columbia College Chicago. She has been exhibited and collected widely in the USA and the Middle East. Her photographs can be found within the LaSalle Bank Collection, at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago as well as in the Comer Archive of CITY 2000 at University of Illinois.


© Micky Modo / Italy
"Tina" 2005
digital file from 645 neg. scan

Micky Modo / Milan / Italy

Artistic, visionary photographer combining her experiences in fashion and music photography and video direction into startling imagery. She has worked all over Europe and the US, shooting fashion, movie and music celebrities (Naomi Campbell, Johnny Lydon, Nina Hagen & Gwen Stefani, George Clooney, John Malkovich, Gèrard Depardieu,..) She possesses an innate ability to produce the outstanding and unique; her subjects presented in new ways that catch the eye and linger in the memory. Her portfolio includes: 'Portraits of Women" and 'Dolls' series. Micky is based in London & Italy.

© Dorothy O'Connor / USA
"#21" January, 2006
4x5 camera, archival velvet rag paper print

 Dorothy O'Connor /Atlanta, Georgia / USA

Dorothy O’Connor creates images taking inspiration from her Southern roots and fairy tales. Having a degree in literature, a minor in studio arts and a commercial education in photography have all influenced her perspective as an artist.  Her work has appeared in exhibitions both on line and through out the
Southeast as well as the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. She is currently working in large format on a series of wedding dress
portraits and another fashion series using both film and digital

© Teresa Ollila / USA
"Disconnected"  2006,

© Teresa Ollila / USA
"Potential Complications" 2006,

Teresa Ollila / Lafayette, Colorado / USA

A background with degrees in both nursing and photography has allowed Teresa to bring the project “Living with Type 1 Diabetes” to life. The image "Potential Complications" is a Photoshop depiction of a potential outcome for a very serious disease escalating among young adults. May 19th 2006 marks the third anniversary of her son’s diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes at age three. She began this photographic project to help broaden the public’s awareness of the disease and to give those stricken in our community a vehicle through which to share the reality of their lives. It is her goal to portray the potential of what the youngest victims of this disease must undergo in the privacy of their homes, beneath restaurant tables, or even in public restrooms every day, just to stay alive, which is typically only viewed by caregivers and loved ones.


©Amy Postle / USA
"Beatriz" October 2005
silver gelatin print

Amy Postle / New York City, New York / USA

Amy was born and raised in Shawnee, Kansas. While studying painting at the KC Art Institute, she became truly fascinated with the photo world. In 1998 she moved to Santa Barbara, CA where she indulged her love for photography and received her BA at Brooks Institute.Amy's work explores the ideologies of womanhood and the secret lives and fantasies of the everyday woman. She approaches her subjects as more of a film director than photographer - creating a scene, placing a woman inside, and capturing the transformation that occurs after a little suggestive direction. Amy lives in New York City's East Village.

Beauty, Camera Eye / Fashion / 2nd place
Beauty, Camera Eye /Fashion / Honorable Mention,

Kodak Easy Share/WIPI Sponsorship/ New York

© Patricia D. Richards / USA
“Johnny and Jess, Freshman Dorm” 2004
Process: 8x10 gelatin silver fiber-based contact print,

Patricia D. Richards / Plano, Texas / USA

In 1979 after a move from north to south that left me displaced, I got out my camera and started making pictures. As my children grew, so did my need to photograph them in this place we’Ave all learned to call Home. It is the ‘down time’ that interests me most: the time between events, the time when nothing seems to be happening, the time that comprises most of our lives. Books: A NEW LIFE: STORIES AND PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE SUBURBAN SOUTH, FEELS LIKE HOME, IN THIR MOTHERS’ EYES, GAME FACE, SPIRIT OF FAMILY.  I facilitate Summer workshops in Italy/France

WIPI PhotoProfile
Richards - Inside track of curating, Archive 5, January 2001

© Leslie Rosenthal / USA
"Phô Girl - Sapa, Vietnam"
January 2006
fiber based - silver gelatin print

© Leslie Rosenthal / USA
"Halo" April 2005, Paris, France
fiber based - silver gelatin print

Leslie Rosenthal /Pasadena, California / USA

Leslie Rosenthal, a graduate of the UCLA Film School, comes from a diverse background of feature film production, editing,
and marketing but photography has always been the driving creative force in her life and her camera a gateway to a story waiting to be told. "A lot of life happens right in front of you, and it's often the everyday moments that provide the richest visual tapestry for a photograph." The recipient of numerous photography awards, her photos appear in the February 2005 edition Black & White Magazine. Leslie's work is available for purchase online at Images2Gallery.

© Danielle Rubi / USA
"Trampoline Girl" August 2004
Puebla, Mexico
medium-format 6x6, twin-lens Rolleiflex

Danielle Rubi / Santa Barbara, California / USA

In Danielle Rubi’s work we see everything from portraiture to glaciers, perhaps a manifestation of her polarized Swiss-Californian upbringing.Yet despite the variety of subjects, there is a continuity of mood: moments of unavoidable self. Her photographs prove that in an instant things can express what they are, not what they aspire to be. Danielle received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1999 and has shot editorial work for Dwell, Nylon, Readymade and Anthem. Her past gallery involvement includes shows in California, Scandinavia and Germany. She participated in Andrea Zittel’s High DesertTest Sites #2 and will be showing at Proyectos Monclova in Mexico City next Spring.

© Hannan Saleh / USA
"Royal Antiquities" July 2003
film, scanned to digital

Hannan Saleh / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / USA

Since 8 years old Hannan knew she had to leave an
impression on the world. When she and her family visited Yemen, it left such an impact on her that the imageryof that ancient civilization still stays with her. Her style of photography is a combination of smoky soul, funk and vibrant culture. She was awarded an "Arts and Culture" award for Emerging Artist by the National Coalation of 100 Black Women in 2001. In 2005 she was one of the first place winners in the "Beauty, Camera Eye of the Beholder" competition for fashion photography held by Women In Photography International. Recently In the "Turning Silver" competition one of Hannan's photos was chosen to be published in a limited edition book featuring 100 images by women photographers internationally and held by WIPI.

© Lynn Saville / USA
"Awnings and Lights, Rialto Bridge, Venice"
January 2003
silver gelatin, b/w
Lynn Saville / New York City, New York / USA

Lynn Saville's sense of beauty was first awakened in Italy, where she lived as a child during her professor-parents’ sabbaticals. In other years, her family’s summers in Vermont provided opportunities to photograph the stars and trees at night with her father and older brother. She began to focus on the night urban landscape while earning an M.F.A. in photography at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Since then, she has photographed in many iconic cities at twilight and dawn, when the streets are mostly deserted. But, paradoxically, Saville’s photographs are filled with traces of human activity and haunted by implied narratives.

© Karen Schulman / USA
"Palms, Sunrise" - Cayman Islands, 2002
Hand colored silver bromide print (original)
high quality giclée / WIPI Archive

Karen  Gordon  Schulman / Steamboat Springs, Colorado / USA

An experienced photographic artist and teacher, Karen Gordon Schulman makes her home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Her passion for capturing images goes back to her "Brownie Hawkeye" days where her father’s love of photography became her inspiration. For more than twenty-five years Karen has used the camera as a tool to explore her personal vision and the essence of place. Karen’s hand painted silver prints, SX-70 Polaroid manipulations and recent work with digital multiple exposures portray surrealism and beauty. As a teacher, she inspires participants of her workshops and tours to develop inner strength and grow through the ‘art of seeing."

© Bonnie Schupp / USA
"Look Up" April 2006,
Bonnie J. Schupp / Pasadena, Maryland/ USA

Bonnie J. Schupp-educator, writer, photographer and traveler-won second place in the 1970 Kodak International Newspaper Snapshot Awards, opened a camera shop, wrote articles published in Petersen's Photographic and Darkroom Magazine, and for six years wrote a weekly photography column for the Baltimore Evening Sun. Her work has appeared in online and print galleries, including WIPI. Believing in the power of photography to transcend time, place and human diversity and to affect change, her doctorate in communications design, completed in 2005 at the University of Baltimore, focused on how educators can use photography to encourage empathy and promote peace.

e-mail BonieSchupp
Decisive Moments/ Amateur, Honorable Mention 2X

© Issa Sharp / USA
"Noir, Amateur Ballroom Dance Championships" Glendale, California
late 1990's fiber based print

© Issa Sharp
fiber based print

Issa Sharp / Los Angeles, California / USA

Issa Sharp is a native Angeleno, born and raised in Hollywood, California. A respected photojournalist, she studied photography at Art Center College in Pasadena. Shortly thereafter, she began documenting homeless kids on Hollywood Blvd for the LA Weekly. Her experiences photographing on the street served as an inspiration for her long term series, "The Dichotomy of Hollywood, the Glamour and the Grit". Issa's distinctive work appears in magazines, newspapers and on cd packages. She has photographed production stills for films, a series on Cuba and is a highly sought after wedding and event photographer.

© Elizabeth Siegfried / Canada
"Off Season 2"  2000
platinum print

Elizabeth Siegfried / Toronto, Ontario / Canada

Elizabeth Siegfried has worked with the historical process of platinum for twenty-five years and has exhibited her images in Canada, the US, Italy, Japan and Mexico. Known for her work in self portraiture and photographic narrative, Siegfried has had her photographs reproduced and discussed in such publications as Schwarzweiss, La Fotografia Actual and Camera Arts Magazine. Her first book entitled LifeLines was published in 2000. Siegfried’s work is represented in many private and public collections, including the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, and the Peter E. Palmquest Women in Photography International Archive / Beinecke Library/Yale University.

WIPI PhotoProfile
virtual*visual/PRO Foreign/People/Honorable Mention
virtual*visual/PRO Foreign//Places/Honorable Mention 2x

virtual*visual/PRO Foreign/Things/Best & Honorable Mention
photo l.a. 2003
Gallery Archive / Archive 10 - April-June 2002

© Hanna Sliz / USA
"Visone" 2001, Italy
fiber print

Hanna Sliz / Los Angeles, California / USA

Hanna Sliz grew up in San Antonio, Texas. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in film, she went on to study photography in Los Angeles, California. She has photographed in various parts of the world and prefers natural light for her intimate portraits. “I learn as much about a country from a face as I do the locations. When someone gives me the gift of being photographed for a moment, I enter their world. For me photography is about getting to that place of openness.”

© Aline Smithson / USA
"Arrangement in Green and Black #10, Portrait /Photographer's Mother" 2003 Los Angeles,
hand painted silver gelatin print

Aline Smithson / Los Angeles, California / USA

Following a career in New York City as a Fashion Editor and standing next to the greats in fashion photography, I have discovered that it is behind the camera that I find my joy and passion. Moments, only fleeting in real life, become more revealing and expansive in a photograph. It is with integrity and humor that I wish to explore life around me--through portraits and places that have marked my memories and imagination.

© Helen M.Stummer / USA
"Shirley With Her Twins, Evette and Bernadette, Playing Mommy" November 1978, The Lower East Side, Manhattan, NYC,
fiber based print

© Helen M.Stummer / USA
"Norel With HIs Brother Robert Germaine" September 1993, Newark, NJ,
fiber based print

Helen M. Stummer / Metuchen, New Jersey / USA

For thirty years Helen M. Stummer has been photographing the dignity and despair of impoverished people in Manhattan, Newark, Maine and Guatemala. In the permanent collection of the Library of Congress, Brooklyn Museum, she is the author of No Easy Walk, Newark, 1980-1993. Stummer has lectured and exhibited in many museums and universities receiving numerous awards and honors. Recently a profile of Strummers photography by correspondent John Bathke "On The Scene" received the national Gracie Allen Award from American women in the media, sharing a spotlight on exceptional work by and about women.

WIPI PhotoProfile
WIPI Archive Gallery, Jan, 2001

© Hazel Thompson / London, UK
"Hidden Legacy: Romanian Teen HIV Outcasts"
2004, Bacau, ROMANIA,
Hazel Thompson / ZUMA Press / London, UK

Hazel Thompson is an award-winning eyevine photojournalist based in London. Her reportage work centers on social issues, identity, humanitarian subjects and religion. Working closely with international charities, she tackles sensitive topics such as South Africa's rape survivors; HIV teenagers facing social exclusion in Romania; and children of prostitutes being rescued from brothels in Bombay. Most recently Thompson was a key part in the global campaign and report on "Kids Behind Bars." Her exclusive images of children illegally imprisoned inside Filipino jails earned first place honors in the Observer Hodge Awards. Thompson's work is widely published throughout the world.

© Margaret Tilling /So. Africa
"Mercury"  February, 2005,
St Johns, Parktown, Johannesburg,
Margaret Tilling / Zimbali, Kwa Zulu Natal / South Africa

Margaret Tilling is an International Celebrity, Fashion and high end Wedding photographer who owns a state of the art studio and Hasselblad H2 with P25 Phase One digital back. She was recently a winner in the” WIPI 25th Anniversary” Competition, and previously won “International Bridal Photographer of the Year Award” and “Fuji Professional Award”. A member of WIPI (USA), BPPA, SWPP & LPA (UK) & PPSA (RSA). Her portfolio includes Avril Levigne, Christina Aguilera, Ronan Keating, Westlife, Savage Garden, Mel C, Diana Ross. She is involved in various fund raising projects, in support of destitute children etc.


©Amy Touchette / USA
"The World Famous *BOB* and Pete" February, 2005
fiber based print

Amy Touchette / Brooklyn, New York / USA

Amy Touchette is a documentary photographer based in New York City. Work from The World Famous *BOB* series has exhibited in New York and China and won an Award of Excellence from Manhattan Arts International. Her photographs have been published by Random House and in Yen, a British/Australian women's style magazine. Amy is primarily a street photographer and is currently at work on several essays, including a large essay entitled Sets.


© Claudia Unger / USA
"Lady and the Brahma Bull"
January 2006, Southern India
fiber based print
Claudia Unger / Los Angeles, California / USA

Born in Germany, Claudia Unger discovered her love of Photography at 18 after buying a camera from a homeless man during a year's travel abroad.  Thereafter her passion was driven by documenting people in their environment. After graduating in Germany she returned to the US to enroll at Art Center College of Design. Immediately following she was sought out as a commercial photographer.  For a fine art series, she lived with Bedouin tribes in Sinai, Egypt.  Her gallery exhibition in Germany of these works was purchased in its entirety. She has a rare aptitude for capturing elegant composition while revealing a poignant relationship with her subject.

© Carrie Villines / USA
"It Is Our Duty To Fight For Freedom..." 2005, Brooklyn, NY,
archival pigment print

© Carrie Villines / USA
"L'amour est un tyran qui n'epargne personne..." - 2006, Brooklyn, NY -
archival pigment print

Carrie Villines / Brooklyn, New York / USA

Raised in Los Angeles and currently based in New York, Carrie Villines shoots portraits, stock and fine art. Her work has been exhibited nationally and is represented by age fotostock, StockShop and Workbook Stock. She is also working toward her MFA in Photography at Parsons School of Design. Carrie's work was selected by jurors Connie Butler (MOCA) and Joyce Wilson (Brooks) for WIPI's "Tea Time" exhibition and again selected by jurors for "kitsch & klick, the art of the toy camera." In 2005 she was chosen through a WIPI Call for Entries as one of three emerging photographers featured in Kodak's One Gallery in Soho, NY. Her text tattoos series was recently selected for the Graphis "New Talent Annual 2006" and is also being featured at Kodak's booth at Photokina in Cologne, Germany in September 2006.

WIPI PhotoProfile
Kodak Easy Share/WIPI Sponsorship/ New York
Ruth Bernhard Tribute
photo l.a. 2003
Tea Time WIPI 20th Anniversary Exhibition

© Teri Wareing / USA
"Boy at the Races" Spring of 1998,
Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, California,
Fiber based original print. Photo made with Kodak T-MAX 100 35mm film. scanned
digital file

 Teri Wareing / Woodland Hills, California / USA

"Tell me a story." With the lens as her interpreter and the subject her guide, Teri Wareing aims to do just that with each click of the shutter. From the other world of Hollywood Boulevard to the goat tenders and their herds wending their way through the coastal mountains of southern Spain, she is drawn to the art of everyday life. Based in Los Angeles, she received the 3rd Place Award in Photojournalism at the Los Angeles County Fair, and won the Vernon-Child Award (voter's choice) and 2nd Place Award in the Fallbrook Art Association's Open Juried Show.


© Peggy Washburn / USA
"Madeline's Hair" 2002
fiber based, silver gelatin print

© Peggy Washburn / USA
"Siren's Call" 2004
silver lithe print

Peggy Washburn / Seattle, Washington / USA

Peggy Washburn’s work has been exhibited in the US and Europe, and she’s represented by the Benham Gallery in Seattle and the Beacon Firehouse Gallery in New York. Her photographs have been acquired by the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, The Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin, The Ralph Lauren Collection, and the Museo De Fotografia di Brescia, Italy. Her work has been featured in Black & White Magazine, Shots, Fotophile, Camera Arts and Photovision Spain. She has recently been included in exhibits at the Whatcom Museum in Bellingham, The Fry Art Museum in Seattle and the Ricco/Maresca Gallery in New York.

© Carol Watson / USA
"Crystal Ball at Benini Ranch"
September 2004. Johnson City, TX
digital giclee print on fine art paper
Carol Watson / Wimberley, Texas / USA

Carol Watson seeks to reveal hidden potential in everything she does, and this drives her approach to photography. She travels the world, capturing scenes that may seem ordinary and uninteresting. Then, through compositional approach and digital meanderings, Carol transforms these photographs into emotive scenes that unveil something that may not have been visible upon first glance. Carol has embraced digital infrared photography, mainly for its ability to reveal spectrums of light that can't be seen with the human eye. Carol was recently named "New Discovery of the Year" at the 2005 International Photography Awards ceremony in New York City.


© Ilona Wellmann / Germany
"The Stranger " 2003,
Drabenderhöhe, Germany
digital giclee print on fine art paper

Ilona Wellmann / Gummersbach / Germany

Since four years I concentrated my attention on the field of monochrome Fine Art Photography and Infrared Photography. Meanwhile I am convinced to be able to develop a distinctive style, based on my own concept of creativity. Since four years semi-professional photographer with Stock and assignment work through several Image Libraries in London, New York and Germany. Some of my work is already used for fine art prints and postcards by ArtGroup, Ariel of France, Bentley Publishing Group, Artprint Collection Inc, Artprint Publishing and GaliArt Collection.

© Harriet Wise /MD, USA

“Pond Divers”  1987
b/w silver print scanned for digital output

Harriet Wise /Frederick, Maryland / USA

Harriet Wise was teaching art when two students introduced her to the darkroom. Since then, making photographs that document the world she sees has become the focus of her artistic life. In commercial photography she concentrates on architecture, people and product. Personaly, she has been documenting a pond in NH for 30 years and a Maryland county for 23 creating an annual calendar. Her work is elegant, socially conscious, and often amusing. Awards include many ADDY’s, and the 2005 AAF Silver Medal. She lives in Frederick,MD and can be reached through her web site.



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