July - December 2005
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Put Your Summer & Fall and HOLIDAY Projects to work for Your Family and PROfessional Needs

Summer is over, school begins, wedding season is still brimming with "I Do's" and the holidays are approaching. What do you do with ALL those photos? How do you handle the files? How do you SHARE your images or become the storyteller?

WIPI takes a look at some of the many output possibilities that are available for both Mac and PC users, online and at home/or office.


First, out the gate....know your computer system. Know where to find the operating system information so you can make sure you are downloading the right software to work on your projects. Double check and read the system requirements of ALL software and ALWAYS READ and /or PRINT OUT the installation notes before you install any software or upgrades..AND only download from reliable sources. The more memory installed on your computer has the better it will handle large digital files as well as manage several open programs at one time. If you computer freezes a lot. Check to make sure you have enough computer memory installed. A lot of systems come with the basics and if you are handling a lot of graphics and/or photo files you may want a lot more than what is supplied in the original computer package... the more the merrier. If you need tech assistance, don't hesitate to find help, or call for assistance from a group like 1-800-905-GEEK or see helpful links below.

"The more memory installed on your computer has the better
it will handle large digital files"


The #1 software for the creative genius is Adobe Photoshop, available for both Mac and PC operating systems. National Association of photocopy Professionals (NAPP), one of the best educational groups have a powerful bank of information including CD's and books that can be a great assist in learning Photoshop. Since late July, they now have the new radio show "Photoshop Radio" with MP3 downloads of the programs. Adobe's current version is CS2. If you're not up to the competitive market, don't let that stop you for producing excellent results for your projects. A lot of the CS and CS2 books and tapes, contain the most classic "Down and Dirty Tricks" of Photoshop techniques that are available on versions 6 and 7. Photoshop is a constant process of learning. Even after a seminar and book purchase, you'll find you will still be looking for more information, refreshing what you've learned and NAPP is a good place to start. Also check out the Graphic site www.Graphic-Design.com for tips using many different versions of photoshop in their archive.

"If you're not up to the competitive market, don't let that stop you for
producing excellent results"

After a lot of frustration with software organizing programs, and little patience to take on another learning curve, I was thrilled to find the "Browse" tool in the drop down edit menu of Photoshop 7. I can now find photo image files on any drive internal and external as well as batch rename and file the images into new folders...have browse, will travel. I hear how great CS and CS2 are... but I'm sure I can accomplish a lot with the 7 software. I'm also between operating systems on my MAC from OS 9.2 to OS 10.3 so Photoshop 7 works in both. I would need to upgrade to the operating system OS 10 to handle CS2. Popular editing programs include iPhoto or organization/printing software programs that come with the purchase of camera equipment such as Kodak EasyShare to Canon, Nikon, Sony and others.

                             "Find your comfort zone and make it work for you."


The digital world is in constant growth mode...something like a 2 year old. You no sooner buy the shoes and too quickly they've outgrown them, and then back to the store to buy a new pair. Digital equipment including cameras with their every six to twelve months improved/updated capabilities are constantly changing for both the point/shoot digital to the PROfessioal high end 35mm digital SLR. A must see website is Digital Photography Review http://www.DPreview.com. They stay on top of the market. At DPreview.com you can compare side by side camera stats, from point/shoot to SLR's and see excellent reviews of the camera performance, lens resolution as well as output results.

Grasp the difference between RAW, JPEG/JPG, TIFF, Gif, and you will be on your way to creating a workflow and output to fill our needs from special personal projects to professional presentations. Unlike the classic 35mm negative or transparency film cameras which required lab runs as well as expensive prints, (note, which are "still" a very marketable and collectible product) with digital you can create gifts, plan student projects, family scrapbooking and print book presentations in your home environment or store and share online.

Learn how to send files as e-mail attachments and be aware of file sizes. Keep most internet files at 72dpi and pay attention to the classic ruler size, such as a 5" x 7" size for quick image sharing. Who wants to take the time to download and open up an image that is 27" tall and 36" wide? Especially if they are on a dial up instead of cable or DSL. Use your creative program to resize the images when sending e-mail attachments to friends or potential clients if you don't have a your own website to upload them to and just send a link, store those images at a photo user site, such as you might have with your internet provider or below we talk about user sites for photographs.

"Who wants to take the time to download and open up an
image that is 27" high and 36" wide?"



After investigating the market place, here are a couple of suggestions. First, check out Epson's Learning center. There you will find personal project ideas as well as the basic tools for scanning and printing. Once you master the basics, move up to the EPSON PROfessional learning center. There you will find information from the top professionals providing printing techniques to produce excellent fine art productions as well as major advertising campaigns. Epson has the Storyteller package for book publishing. Epson's package is for PC only...boohoo, if you're a Mac user, you'll have to create your own templates. (TIP: instead of using the Epson single sheet paper included in the Storyteller package, try purchasing the two sided printable paper to be able to print back to back Epson double sided matte #SO4156, also ideal paper for printing sales brochures, greeting cards)

Epson Storyteller package comes in a variety of sizes and page quantity, from 5 x 7 ($19.99) up 8 x 10" (10 pages $29.99 or 20 pages $39.99) comes with a software page with 60 unique page layouts and glossy jacket to cover the book, similar to purchasing a photo book at Barnes & Noble style. Epson is the leader in printers and archival inks including the Durabrite and Ultrachrome. Check out the newest newest Epson 2400, which replaces the classic 2200 for 13" carriage wide printers.

If you are producing large gallery prints, you'll surely want to see the 4000 and the 9600. And if you are making CD/DVD's... add the R800 to your list to print directly onto the CD/DVD. For anisette job proofing, school projects, and parties, the small portable Epson Deluxe with the viewing screen, prints 4x6" archival prints and is very handy..compact and has a carrying handle...and why not throw in one of the Epson ALL-In-One printers. print/scan and copy. Their new All-in-one is the Epson Stylus CX7800 $179 with a 1.5 viewing screen for images. Or you can purchase one of the other All-in-Ones for under $100.

If you want to do business quick and easy, invest in the Epson printer system...not one, but several. Unless you are getting tons of orders for your artwork, stick with the 2200 or the new 2400 printers 13" wide carriage and when the client orders the large scale prints, have them printed at a PRO lab or photo enthusiast who has the large scale printer. You get great deals directly through the EPSON online store and sometimes Free shipping.


Another winner, Kodak EasyShare system, Camera's, printers, online sharing. Kodak's original Ofoto is now being phazed out as a name and they are using KodakGallery. There you can create your unique Kodak Gallery as well as create books and gifts. You can have a stepped up personalized gallery with one of the Kodak premium services, $24.99/yr or unlimited prints at 10cents each with a personalized gallery for $49.99/yr. Kodak recently discontinued it's PRO digital camera and is concentrating it's efforts on the user friendly consumer digital market. Their EasyShare system is more proprietary, utilizing a complete system of camera, camera doc for camera charge as well as the camera doc 4x6" printer. You'll need to purchase a carrying case for the printer, to handle the 4x6 printers additional detachable loading tray..

The Kodak Online Gallery is getting better by the minute. They offer various online KodakGallery.com product discounts. The whole online printing and sharing system really works well. You can print and/or send your file directly to family, friends or clients, to view or print. Kodak has a full gift line, somehting they've always had, just now it's digital and you upload the image for the order. The Kodak books are beautiful. To create the book, there are specific templates including a text page to choose from for the uploads. The leather bound edition (2 varieties of leather colors) makes a handsome presentation for your photographs. (TIP: If you take the time, you an make the most of each page by montaging images to fit into the 6" x 8" or 5" x 7" picture frame format. It's funny, they call it "hole" instead of photographer's language "frame." For good prints and book pringint, make sure you read the instructions carefully and meet the their requirements following the "requested resolution requirements". Check for introductory offers and expiration dates.

At Kodak for $39.99 you can have a 10 page, single sided or two sided (20 page) black leather bound book. The cover is a 4 x 4" cut out frame/hole to view the first page. Each additional page is $1.99.. that's per side! (a little confusing, because when you originally purchase the book they offer 10 pages (two sides)..but if you buy them individually the price is $1.99 per page should read "Per SIDE per Page." I thought it would be one page, both sides. You can use any of the 10-20 pages as text or image pages. The text is a little large, but, it's a photo book not a novel. They also have a cloth cover edition (more color choices) for $29.95 and special pink or blue leather editions (boy/girl colors pastel colors) currently for $29.99 as well. With a little planning and creativity, you can create a beautiful book for a professional presentation, family archive or gift. Visit the Kodak website and join their gallery, look for special discount offers.. They ship very quickly.

Would like to see KODAK provide along with the 9x 12 photo hard cover version, ADD TO their line of book products, 5 x 7 and 11 x 14 books as some other groups I found. I believe that Kodak has provided the PRO and consumer market products that fit just about everyone, so I think it would be a great advantage for consumer/Pro users to have the options. Everything else is in place for uploads... Come on Kodak, step up to the plate..Become the #1 online photogallery for PRO's and consumers!

Kodak has a new camera coming in October, looks pretty interesting, a 2.5" viewing screen and WAIF connection. Kodak EasyShare A 4mb camera is average for heading into 2006, but the camera itself looks great. See http://www.Kodak.com

Once you're at the Kodak website, make sure you mark the Site Map page, it will save you several steps to find what you are looking for.

A booming cottage industry. A wonderful way to be creative with images and graphic designs. There are lot of PC programs for Scrapbooking. See the national organization for details and links. Only two Mac programs we found are iRember and PhotoPrinto. They have wonderful templates that can be used for your book project if your a MAC user and want to produce an Epson photographic scrapbook using your Apple computer. The interesting thing about the scrapbooking is it combines photographs, mostly 4x6" as well as creative iconic graphics to enhance the visual presentation. Colorful backgrounds and past ups are great for kids projects as well as adult gifts. If you don't know what to get a family member for the holidays, put together either a photo book or a scrapbook. See National Scrapbooking organization http://www.nsa.gs/ and/or Creating Keepsakes Magazine for helpful links for a list of scrapbook stores in your area or online sites for ideas.

Sure you can make your own templates with Quark or Photoshop pages, but I looked long and hard to find MAC software that would provide interesting pages and results.

Here are two software programs to speed this process along. Check them out. Not only can you use these templates for scrapbooking, but with a page adjustment you can create great templates for a lot of projects. Not sure what is available for PC...but I'm guessing tons of software. VersionTracker.com is a great website to find software programs for both MAC and PC

iRemember. http://www.macscrapbook.com/
This full bodied program has all the tools you need to create stunning scrapbooks are included in this innovative MAC software. Create borders, backgrounds and frames. Drag your photos from iPhoto and crop them to a variety of shapes and sizes. Embellish your pages with text and clip art. You can use photos and images from digital cameras, CDs, scanners and the Internet.

Dragging photos in from iPhoto is a snap. No more destroying your original photos. iRemember allows you to drag and drop photos directly from iPhoto or your Digital Camera. Manipulate the images in iRemember so your original photos remain untouched. All the usual scrapbook sizes are supported, including the most widely used, 12 " x 12" page.

All the tools you need to create stunning scrapbooks are included, create borders, backgrounds, frames and patterns, add text, photos, clip art, shapes and crop your photos to a variety of shapes and sizes. The floating tools palette provides quick and easy access to all your shape creation and editing tools. System Requirements: MAC 10.3 or higher

PhotoPrinto   http://www.PhotoPrinto.com
With photoprinto, you can... Print photo albums on your inkjet or color printer. Start with fabulous templates or make your own Design. Gorgeous albums or single sheets Import photos from iPhoto or a folder. Make attractive page layouts and photo arrangements with ease. Adorn your photos with fantabulous frames Enliven photos with captions, cropping, soft edges, and other effects. Automate album creation with AppleScript.

Available in English, Japanese, German, Italian and French


For archival storage products and shipping cases , see and Secol Photographic Products leaders in polyester archival storage in England in the USA Light Impressions is the number one archival resource for storage and shipping boxes. Order their catalog! For beautiful personalized presentation portfolios for professionals, visit the PRO choice, Brewer Cantelmo - Custom made presentations. Manufacturer of portfolios, presentation cases, ring binders, easels, and carrying cases.


For the processional whose client is looking for one of the most elaborate and beautifully printed book of 4-color CMYK off printing, world renown Graphistudio provides the highest quality and presentation. wwwgraphistudio.com  (main office 866-472-7445) If you never considered shooting weddings before, once you see the possibilities of producing a book of this quality, you may change your mind..!


Leo LaPorte Radio Show for Technical Information for both PC and MAC can be

Russell Brown Tips & Techniques page

Video Professor

Tips for Publishers, Graphic Designers & Photographers

Design & Publishing www.Graphic-Design.com
scroll down to Previously... a wealth of photoshop info and tips

National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP)

PhotoShop Radio produced by NAPP

Scott Kelby Photoshop Books (recent past Director of NAPP for 5 years)


In the UK see
Alian Ideas, who produces a software educational program called focusOn: a guide to Digital Imaging. A reasonably priced, nicely packaged DVD witha pocket guide reference. Their website is also very informative .

Version Tracker
provides online shareware, freeware and commercial downloads of the latest software programs and updates. List your computer and operting system and a daily line up of software is available as well as an archive when you do a search for product type, such as scarpbooking.



Epson Learn & Create
Provides a ton of wonderful information on projects, files, repair as well as helpful hints on maintaining and caring for your Epson printer

Epson Storyteller Books
Hard bound photo books that you print at home using Epson or other printers, More control over page layout and design. Able to print better text pages with more content and using substitute fine art paper, can create a high end edition for a special project.

Epson Paper Finder
Drop down menus allow you to list your printer type and find the paper just right for your printing needs

Epson Printers - Paper & Media - Scanners
A combo of Epson products will surely give you the competitive edge. Hands down, Epson is the #1 printer for PROs.


Kodak.com Site Map
A good place to find your way around Kodak. Check out the site map to find the answers to any question about sizing, pricing, shipping, etc. Note: If you sign up for the Kodak gallery, decide whether you want e-mail notifications for promotions, if not.. make sure you "UNCLICK" the box. It's pre-programed with a yes check mark.


Top Tips for Camera Phone Pictures

Sony University

SONY 101 Digital learning center includes info on Video cameras.

Sony is coming out with the new R1 in November, a 10mb SLR. “The R1 represents a breakthrough in digital camera technology and construction,” said James Neal, director for digital imaging products at Sony Electronics. “You can grab this camera and go, confident that you will be prepared for a wide range of shooting situations. Its many convenience features and exceptional performance cannot easily be matched with a typical consumer-level digital SLR.” SONY

And then theres....

Adobe Photoshop Services
teamed with up with Kodak
(if your working on a high res screen, you could go blind trying to read their descriptive text. Also their service is proprietary....so you would need their photoshop CS2 or at least photoshop elements version 2 software)

Online uploads and same day (even 1 hour later) pick up at a designated Costco center. They use Fuji Crystal archive paper for prints. You can upload and in a couple of hours vist your designated Costco and pick them up the same day. They actually have a very dependable photo service for your every day prints. Costco provides a link to MyPublisher PhotoBooks. The program has nice layout and design. You first have to download their software, create and then upload. I'd prefer it be an upload to the site directly instead of a stand alone software and then the upload.. to date, it's a PC based program only.


Store, share, photo blogs, no gifts

My Publisher
My Publisher offers a good variety of cover stock with a window cutout image cover similar to Kodak's. They also have a large 12" high by 16" wide format book at $59.95 for $59.80 for 20 pages ant $2.99 per page after 20. Only problem, you have to download "their" PC software. So if you are traveling or moving about, you'll have to download their software onto the computer you're working on. Unlike the Upload capabilities and storage that you have with Kodak or PhotoWorks.com

PhotoWorks has a nice variety of book covers and print deals. They upload both PC and MAC OS X

Online gallery, photo gifts, software for uploading

Snapfish.com (An HP service)
Snapfish develops all brands of 35mm and APS / Advantix film (NO blw, 110 or slide film), Digital phone users, online photosharing, storage, photo gifts including books, Website not very visual. Couldn't fine book layout and design visuals for most of their products. Contains mostly text pages. Some things not available for MAC. like their flip books... didn't see enough visual descriptions/ photo, so no idea what it is?

Comcast.com has a great online picture gallery, animated side show with music. Very creative. Haven't seen it with any others so far. Their viewing screen is a little junky with all their ads and Comcast identity, but the idea is great. It has fly away image animation and other varieties along with the option of adding "music" to your show. Comcast makes Yahoo and SBC look like they are sleeping giants. SBC is so far behind with their image program. NO website space, only tons of storage space, no galleries. A very dependable lackluster DSL system. .. along with the confusion of all their names, SBC Yahoo, SBC prodigy, SBC Global..

A Closer Look Diversity Among Photo Sites Is in the Frills
By Sacha Cohen
Special to The Washington Post Sunday, August 7, 2005; Page F07




Disc Makers
For quantity produced CD/DVD's for a special promotion projects that require 300 or more, visit www.discmakers.com. WIPI used them for our 20th Anniversary CD and they did an excellent job. Great to deal with, fast and dependable with quality work. A lot of music artists use their service.

There are more and more companies providing digital online services, so do a GOOGLE search and compare products to your needs.

USE a company that has a recognizable name or referral from someone you know. Remember, you'll be giving them your credit card or bank information.

It's rare that we really focus on programs... Online printing is a growing trend that is here to stay. First the photo companies paniced over home printing and now they've found a new gorund to stand on and a very good one at that. It supports the PRO and the amateur market. I'm not sure what is available in Europe. I'm guessing pretty much the same in each country. At one time it seemed an amateur practice to send film off to be developed, now with digital, the possibilities are endless.

After viewing all these different possibilities, I realize it might be a good idea if you are going to use several different online photo processing/printing services to create a mail box just for online print/share and sign up with each one using the same e-mail box address. Each one offers different deals with different packages, so finding them all in the same box might be helpful for comparisons. I think at any time you can go into your account and reroute your e-mail.

I love the concept and options. Even the layout designs are mostly workable. Be clever, make the most out of your pages. All the online products can be wonderful. My recent experience with the Kodak books was excellent, the quality and turn around time to upload, and deliver was quick and EasyShare. so, they do provide an excellent product for most photo images and projects. I ran a test and produced 1 book and then the following week reprinted the same book and order 6 books. ALL beautifully printed and handled. I used the black leather and my page count was 10 pages double sided giving me a total of 20 page layouts, I added 16 additional pages. (8 pages double sided) (I thought that the 8 pages would mean double sided...similar to what they describe with the 10 pages either single page or double sided. They need to correct that text, it cost me per page side.

WIPI received a digital learning DVD package from England , . reasonably priced, informative with a companion pocket guide, they ship internationally. Digital Alianworks.com tips for using photoshop and printing.

If you want to make a "museum" type book, limited / special edition of fine art prints. Use Epson, and use you're own paper and Epson printers to produce vibrant color and unique print layout designs instead of the usual packaged paper, which is also very nice. But if you want to use those fine art or watercolor papers, you'll have a beautiful masterpiece of print quality and bound book design in hand. With the Epson book, you can create a more indepth text page for information about your biography or resume. A great way to produce a prototype for a book publisher. You can either order the Epson book online or find them at your photo supply dealers. I purchased it online and it took two weeks to deliver the package. The savinngs wasn't that much different than if I had just gone to Calument to purchase the package directly.

We will continue to update this page as we discover information and software programs to support your digital photo printing needs.

We have added a Digital Connection to our Resource section. So for quick reference, visit

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