Archive #1

Premiere Issue, October 1999
Our Mission

To promote the visibility of women photographers and their work through:
  • exhibitions
  • educational programs
  • juried competitions
  • lecture programs
  • workshops
  • conferences
Founded in 1981, Women in Photography International has served the needs of photographers, photo educators, photography students, gallery owners and photographic organizations around the world. In keeping with our mission, we have promoted the visibility of women photographers and their work through a variety of programs, exhibitions, juried competitions and publications. 

As an educational nonprofit organization, Women in Photography International is eager to perpetuate this tradition by providing member benefits that will accomodate changing interests and needs as we head into our 19th year as a resource for the international photographic community.

We are currently revitalizing our quarterly newsmagazine f2 by establishing it as an online publication. Incorporating member profiles and portfolios, interviews, book reviews, product information and gallery listings, F2's goal is to become the premiere resource for the international community of women in photography. We feel certain that the expansiveness and opportunity offered through F2, in combination with the Women in Photography International Archives, will provide a professional network that is unparalleled.

We hope you will lend your vision and your voice to this effort.

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Featured Artist
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Historical Profile
by Nancy Clendaniel

rerofile by PetePalmqui

f2 -eZine WIPI News Features

In Memory of Linda McCartney 1941 - 1998

Linda McCartney
© copyright

See Linda Mc Cartney Exhibition at HOPA
the House of Photographic Art
- Archive #3

Past Activities

On-Going Events
Distinguished Photographer's Award
Established to give recognition to an artist who has contributed significantly to the world of photography.

Past recipients include:
Eve Arnold, Ruth Bernhard, Judy Dater, Marion Post Wolcott, Linda McCartney, Mary Ellen Mark, Ruth Orkin, Joyce Tenneson and Grace Robertson.

New Photographer's Lecture Series
Established to honor emerging talent in the photographic community, features a discussion and slide presentation of the artist's work, including a question and answer session.

Past recipients include:
Victoria Pearson Cameron, Jean Ferro, Judy Coleman, Claire Garoutte and Kenna Love.

Educational Programs and Workshops
Aimed at informing the working photographer, the photography student and the photo enthusiast, past programs include: 

People Who Hire Photographer:
featuring 6 art directors from major photo agencies, consumer stores and magazines.
Women in Photojournalism:
featuring photojournalist Debra Denker (National Geographic) and Monica Almeida (NY Times)
Getting Your Work Shown:
Josine Starrels from the G. Ray Hawkins Gallery in Los Angeles, CA
Print Retouching: presented by the Los Angeles Photography Center Staff
Negotiating and Pricing Strategies:
presented by Maria Piscopo, marketing consultant and author of The Photographer's Guide to Marketing and Self-Promotion.
Foto Fashion featuring fashion photographers:
Victoria Pearson and Susan Nygeres
The Women Behind the Images:
presented as an addendum to our traveling expo: Women in Photography International. Photographers whose work was included in this exhibition appeared to lecture at various cities on the international tour.

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