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Honorable Mention Sunsets   
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Juror: Stephen Perloff, The Photo Review, Langhorn, PA

Gabriela Moya, Los Angeles, California, USA
Ire, May 2012, Portugal



Cordula Ohman,  Santa Monica, California, USA
Vanishing Glow, 2011, Santa Monica Beach



Bev Pettit
,  Skull Valley, Arizona, USA
Sunset on Monument Valley

Margo Taussig Pinkerton, Hillsborough, North Carolina, USA
Behind the Rain



Zorica Purlija, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Bellevue Hill, nsw, 2011


Petra Rönnholm, Gothenburg, Sweden
Sunset in Lapland, Storuman, Sweden


June Russell, Houston, Texas, USA
Galapgos Sunset


Judy Ann Schaller, California, USA
Tehachapi, CA


Judy Ann Schaller, Santa Rosa, California, USA
Tehachapi, CA


Gina Socrates ARPS, .St. Brelade, Jersey Channel Islands, United Kingdom
Wave, October 2011, Glencoe Scotland


Patty Tuggle, Saint Cloud, Florida, USA
Sun Down, Moon Up, Lake Lizzie, Osceola County


Barbara White, Laguna Beach, California, USA
See Category winner SUNRISE Gallery
Wave On The Tasman Sea, December 2011, Punakaiki Beach, New Zealand

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Honorable Mention

Sunrises pg1     Sunrises pg2     Sunsets pg1     Sunsets pg2     Rainbows


Barbara White       Nancy Clendaniel     Diane Cockerill  

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