Stephanie McGehee - PROfessional Member, Kuwait
When she's not doing photojournalism, Stephanie is the leading wedding photographer in Kuwait. Originally, Stephanie established her career as a social event and commercial photographer as well as the resident photojournalist for The Associated Press. In 1991, Post Kuaitti Liberation, the Reuters News Agency asked Stephanie to be their resident photographer, of which she is still today. For all the years that I have been in the Middle East, I have mastered the Arabic language, which I feel has helped me in being accepted as a very close friend to the Kuwaiti society. They are very kind and sincere people, being that they are a tribal society. Chosen for the WIPI juried 20th Anniversary Tea Time exhibit

WIPI Archive #13 WIPI News, Photographers Livng in Hostile Envoronments, Jan. 2003

WIPI Archive #9 WIPI Stephanie McGehee living in Kuwait , Jan, 2002  (also PDF in Arabic)

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