Marydorsey Wanless
- General Member - Topeka, Kansas
1)  Fine Art    2) Alternative Process   3) Educator  
* Format:   digital, 35mm, Polaroid, etc.

Marydorsey Wanless is a fine art photographer and full-time faculty member in the Art Department at Washburn University in Topeka, where she teaches B/W darkroom photography, alternative photographic processes, and advanced digital photography. Her work incorporates personal experiences combined with alternative photographic processes. She has exhibited regionally, nationally, and internationally; and has received many awards, including the grand prize in the SoHo Gallery’s alternative photography show, The Krappy Kamera Exhibit, in 2009. Her work has been published in Plates to Pixels Magazine, Lightleaks, Shots, and Feminist Media Studies, and will be included in the 3rd edition of Christopher James’s book on alternative processes.



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