Maria Åkerblom - General Member - Järvsö, Sweden
1) Documentary    2)Nature    3) Special Projects

*Format: Digital, 35mm, Lumen print, Wet-plate

One part of my photography life is the darkroom work of my analog material from 1970's - 1990's. That was the travelling years and the time of motherhood living in a little village in the north of Sweden. I documented our daily life with gardening, playing, animals, seasons and forests.
Nowadays, with my digital camera, I  still look for the special moments that can happen anytime anywhere, when a fraction of time stands out to be eternity. Not so much with children today, but more with nature and selfportraits. I experiment a lot with movements, both with the camera and the model.
Another area that I'm passionate about is ambrotypes, alternative photography. For some years there have been a lot of Lumen prints made and recently some attempt of wet-plate.

2012 It's Magical, Images of Sunrises, Sunsets & Rainbows, Honorable Mention

+46 651 410 77


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