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2) Fine Art    2) Still Life    3) Conceptual Composites 
*Format: Digital, 35mm, video

I’ve been a professional photographer for nearly 20 years of the 40 years I’ve been photographing. My eyes and my camera are the instruments that align with my heart and mind; I produce art that is distinctively my own. Trends are not appealing to me; my creative preferences range from contemplative abstractions to honest renderings. Like other art, my photography is an ever-evolving journey where my desire to connect with, document and create from my surroundings is validated, yet constantly in flux. My decision making processes on aesthetics are like meditative observations; all are made on an intuitive level felt between myself, the moment and the subjects that present themselves.

As is true (I believe) with most art, through my photography I seek to make connections and provide pleasure by illuminating and enhancing the viewer’s ability to witness our surroundings, offering almost a “permission” to stop and enjoy nature and an opportunity to present an understanding of our connection with it and responsibility to it. Through our connectivity and my art, I hope to bring the viewer a brief moment of peace, a healing of emotions or spirit, inspiration and enlightenment.

Yale University Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Western Americana Collection
WIPI Archive CHARTER GALLERY 2015-2016

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