Carol Henry
- CHARTER MEMBER - Los Angeles, California
1)  Fine Art  
*Format: Darkroom Monoprints

For 25 years, Carol Henry has been creating one-of-a-kind imagery in the darkroom on cibachrome paper. She projects light through compositions directly on to the material and processes the cibachrome to reveal colorful, saturated, archival and oftentimes surreal images. Referred to as the cIbachrome O’Keeffe in one newspaper article because botanicals are a favorite subject, she prefers them not only because of their translucence but sensual and delicate form. Other images are made from seaweed, feathers, lace, glass and paper in combination to create varied abstractions. The scale of her work can reach 72” on cibachrome material as well, although most prints are 20x24”.

For over two decades she has exhibited her images through fine galleries: Photography West, Ansel Adams Gallery, Susan Spiritus Gallery, Jackson Fine Art, also exhibiting in public spaces such as Mumm Champagne, Maui Ocean Center, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. Her work appears in several permanent corporate collections as well as many health care facilities including several Kaiser Hospitals, UC Sacramento, Stanford Univ., Northwestern Univ. Hospitals and Meijer Heart Hospital. Environments and the effect art has on people in them is an important consideration in Henry’s work. She wants to expose the viewer to unseen worlds and makes sure that each time they see her work they find something new! Curator, WIPI Photo LA 2011

Yale University Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Western Americana Collection
WIPI Archive CHARTER GALLERY 2015-2016

WIPI-PhotoLA-2013, print exhibition

WIPI 30th Ansniversary presentation photo la 2011

Phone: 818-991-0009


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