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Dubbed The Barefoot Contessa by a friend in 1970, Margo Taussig Pinkerton has been a professional photographer traveling the world since 1982. Her work has been published in National Geographic Traveler, Caribbean Travel & Life, GEO, and a host of other international journals, calendars, and coffee-table books. She also has a long list of corporate clients to her credit.

Before that, Margo had an eclectic career that, according to several of her stock agencies, contributed to her unique eye and approach to people and photography.

With awards and honorable mentions, including Epson International Photographic Pano Awards, Black and White Spider Awards, and our own Women in Photography (WIPI), Margo’s photographs have been widely seen in juried shows, solo exhibitions, galleries, and museums and are in collections worldwide.

Now retired from commercial work, Margo runs Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures in the US and overseas with her husband, fellow photographer Arnold “Arnie” Zann who started out with LIFE and Time, among many other clients. She and her husband are also concentrating more on their fine art photography.

Coming from a many-generation, artistic family, Margo strives for passion and personal input in a photograph. Valuing aesthetics over techno-speak, she loves to impart her decades of experiences and love for photography to her workshop participants.

UPDATE - JULY 2015 - MARCH 2016

Margo is proud to be part of the Beinecke Archives for WIPI at Yale. Currently, she is working on several projects, including “The Cuba We Know” (working title) with her husband and fellow photographer in which they avoid the cliché and staged shots so often seen from the amazing island nation. Instead, they are focusing on the daily lives of the resilient Cuban people. Meanwhile, a newer member of WIPI (2009 or 2010), she has had a number of images accepted into various exhibits, including the recent “i AM woman … i AM digital.”

UPDATE - MARCH 2016 - APRIL 30, 2017

Over the decades, Margo has lectured widely, often sponsored by the Fuji of film days, to photographers, art directors, designers, and students on creativity, the importance of copyright, and thinking outside of the box. She has been a guest instructor at the New England School of Photography and the photography department at Northeastern University, both in Boston, MA. She was also invited to be a two-day presenter at the Miami Ad School in Miami, FL serving on panel, and talking about business practices, the importance of copyright, and "Ready, Set, Go," a how-to for new and well-established photographers.

She has long been an advocate for strengthening of intellectual-property laws, especially as they relate to photographers. Margo has been very involved in the American Society of Media (formerly Magazine) Photographers (ASMP) since the mid-80s. A Life Member, she has served in various capacities at the chapter and national level, including Co-president of the New England chapter, national board member, and Co-president and later President of the North Carolina chapter.

At one point, she was heavily involved in helping put together a telephone tree before the days of e-mails and an active Internet, to fax Congressman Barney Frank who co-sponsored a bill on strengthening of intellectual property laws. Congressman Frank was on the side of creators, but the other members of the committee were not. We burned up Frank's fax, and he called ASMP crying, "Uncle." The net result is that the rest of the committee stood up. took notice, and passed the legislation.

Margo also loves sharing her lifetime passion for photography and the arts. Running Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures with her husband, fellow photographer Arnold Zann, she talks about the importance of creativity over techno-speak. She and her husband have lectured widely to various photography clubs and groups on "Thinking Outside of the Box," "Creativity," and other similar topics.

In a small, intensive, fun-filled setting, the workshops are held in Cuba, across the United States, Latin America, and Europe. Because of their maximum 6:1 ratio, both relative beginners and seasoned pros can photograph in the same workshops and learn from one another.

Currently, Margo is working on several personal, fine-art projects slated for future museum exhibitions.

She continues to garner awards and get juried into prestigious shows.

She is thrilled that the WIPI Beinecke digital collection has also been accepted the likes of The Smithsonian, International Center for Photography and other equally important museums.

Women In Photography International Charter Member

Margo Taussig Pinkerton

Hillsborough, North Carolina

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