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Photo Artist / President of WIPI Jean Ferro

Ferro - in the midst of working on the binders for the WIPI transition project , image spring 2016, finally finishing last details and end of project. June 2, 2017 - YES it was all worth it!

Knowing that I took some risks beyond what would seem reasonable and wanted to post the letter sent to my Landlord, management and their attorney. I had gone through this situation 3x from the first of the year 2015 through spring of 2016, very unusual for me and had never happened before. For me the choice was to pay the piper and pay late fees and take things to the limit so that all my concentration was on transitioning the organization to a wonderful new home at the Beinecke. It was an extreme process, unusual and not for the faint of heart. The last time I went to court the landlord refused to actually take my rent and demanded I leave my premises in two weeks. I stood in front of the judge and she had to repeat to me 3x what the court ordered. EH...YIKES... now I've really done it.!!@#$%^ I was told if I didn't move, the sheriff would show up with weapons and I would be removed and my belongings would be locked in the apartment.

It was suggested I contact the rent control groups. I quickly signed up and two days later attended a gathering at a senior center nearby. The people that showed up for assistance really needed help, they came w/walkers and canes, elderly or very young and being evicted from a low rent building. They didn't have the potential for a higher income as I do with my photography work. WROTE A LETTER:After court, and the housing group, returned home and decided to write to the management and plead my case for support to get through this final stage. I was fortunate that a couple of funders came through just those last few days and helped save the day. My son Eric was one of my greatest backers and just kept saying, it's OK Mom, we're in this together, I'm here for you. I think the best thing that came out of this experience in an odd way is that he saw that I took a risk that was for the greater whole, that my passion to succeed was not going to be just based on a financial reward, the bigger picture had purpose and longevity that would outlast the current situation. It gave us a lot of strength.. though I must say an unknown inner confidence was there and I just could not imagine moving and if I even went close to thinking of it... I would look around and say... I'm staying, I'll work it out, I've got this work to do.

September came, binders finally went out the door after myself and assistant Sharyn labored through the summer to pull them together, really intense work load. (see pic above) .... ah finished. Well, my beautiful car, 1993 lexus transmission went out, two external hard drives and my 24" iMac after 8 years froze and is now under the table. By chance a photographer friend had given me a 23" apple monitor that I could hook up to my Macbook Pro. AH finished, so I thought. Now there I am scrambling to save files all through Christmas and the New Year and just when I'm ready to settle into my own work, learning to use the bus and staying grounded, I learn that the Beinecke did an IT crawl back in April 2016 when I first thought we would be finished.

Since that time several things had changed on the website to create the introduction original binder. So there I go, jumped back in to "NOW FINALLY" complete the project, found some files that were buried, and one of the gals Patrizia Pulga completed her directory on International Women Photographers (Amazon) consulting her early 2000 survey and WIPI's history and current member base for the text profiles. AH... yes, now it's really complete.

I'm looking forward to happy days, spa treatments, a lot of laughter, Screen Actors Guild movie screenings, walks in the neighborhood, lunches and dinners with friends and road trips in beautiful California.. and of course keeping my ducks-in-a-row and working on my personal collection of files.

"Good Risks help you to grow taller, stronger and wiser" ... Jean Ferro

As Katy Perry sings, I've Got the Eye of the Tiger and You're Gonna Hear Me Roar!
Manchester, England, 6/4/17

Feb. 20, 2015


Harrison Properties
Studio City, CA 91604

Valerie E. Gilbert, Attorney at Law
Van Nuys, CA 91401

Elizabeth A. Harrison, Tanya T. Zimmerman, Valerie E. Gilbert

Sorry that this has been difficult for every one involved. It has not been my intention to cause any harm or wrong doing in anyway. In good faith, I get up each day and put my best foot forward.

When I spoke to Valerie, it was suggested I had three more weeks, which is actually Feb. 25th. I knew I needed that stretch. Obviously when I went to court and found out that the night before Harrison said they wouldn’t accept rent or that time frame. I was left in shock, scared and hit the pavement running to change the situation. Having to move would cause me such a drastic downward turn in my career and work at a time that I’m now ready to get back to being Jean Ferro the photographer instead of providing services to a non-profit organization.

This is my home and want to stay in my apartment. I have lived at The Hermoyne for 26 years as of
March 1, I’ve paid over $300,000 in rent at one time renting two places #604 for at least 20 years and in combination #606 14 years.

I’ve always taken excellent care of my apartment and the building as a whole.

* When there is bad weather, I quickly put out the yellow caution signs if it’s at night or on the weekend.

* If there’s a leak, I let management know.

* I check to make sure doors are secure.

* I pick up trash on the floor in the laundry room, lobby, hallways

* I’ll even vacuum my floor or clean around the trash room when someone will carelessly leave a trail.

* I’ve saved the building from a terrible flood a couple of years ago by making sure the flood gate was closed and monitor the streets no matter what time, day or night to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

* I recently saw the men out there clearing the street drains and because I know it’s the other side of the street that almost always causes the problem, showed them where to go and take care of it.

* Coffee, soda spills on the floor I wipe it up so it’s not tracked throughout the building.

* Went to the city traffic meeting about Rossmore and need for signs and protection from the growth of traffic and dangerous conditions that exist.

* When people complain about the plumbing, I explain it’s an old building and needs special care and it will be repaired.

* When people complain about the pool, I reassure them the building is doing the best and to call management instead of just complaining to other tenants.

* With a watchful eye, I monitor suspicious activity and am aware of who lives here.
Enclosed please find the YALE documents so you can see the past 1.5 years are an extreme exception out of 26 years. I’ve created a wonderful advantage and historical documentation for women and their work.. a lifetime of honor for all those involved.

Please take all of this into consideration and allow me to maintain my #606 apartment so I can get on with my own life and career. This has been an incredible challenge for me to achieve someone that never ever went to high school. By September/October I was completely exhausted from the huge effort and and unable to focus and start again until I got strength back in January.

THURSDAY, Feb 25th I can provide a cashier’s check for ALL of the back rent (Dec, Jan. Feb) and MARCH rent included. I have nowhere to go and this just could send me over the edge and that’s scary. I keep breathing, focusing and praying this situation will be resolved and we will continue our relationship as management and tenant.

With a brilliant career at hand now that I’ve finished this task to Yale University on behalf of the non-profit (hate those words “non-profit” ) Women In Photography International, I can get back to doing the types of jobs as in the past for the likes of Southern California Regional Rail Authority, Dreamworks, personal portraits, Los Angeles magazine and art sales.

I promise and make the commitment to pay my rent on time and continue to provide my care for The Hermoyne.
I have NO other outstanding debt. My car is paid for and I’m very frugal.

Perhaps in the future if you need anything photographic services you would call on me instead of another photographer without it involving anything to do with my rent. With my history executive portraits, onsite events, land sites, fine art for your personal use or business could be something to consider.

Please accept my request to make good on my current situation and remain in my home at the Hermoyne.

Jean Ferro
(323) 462-0121
Enclosure bio material, letters from Yale
Valerie Gilbert w/info
Yale archive
02/25/2016 ACCEPT DEAL: Tues: Ashley 1:32pm $$10,088.00 (4 months + late charges)
RENT PAID IN FULL Dec-Feb + March w/LATE FEES + Attorney FEES
Total Amount paid via CASHIER CHECK:




Women In Photography International Archive is held at the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale University, Peter Palmquist Western Americana permanent Collection since 2003. The inclusion of WIPI hard copy and digital files from mid-2003 to present will be added to the collection. The 2014-2015 WIPI CHARTER GALLERY is set up for inclusion into the upcoming newly renovated Beinecke Library. The CHARTER MEMBER gallery of dedicated women photographers is a spotlight to introduce and showcase historical documentation and current member work.

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