Champlain Valley Fair, VT, 2011, series


Montreal, Québec, 2011



Suffolk Downs Race Track 2011, series



Suffolk Downs Race Track 2011, series

Champlain Valley Fair, VT 2014, series



Champlain Valley Fair, VT 2014, series


Champlain Valley Fair, VT 2014, series




Champlain Valley Fair, VT 2014, series



Champlain Valley Fair, VT 2014, series




Champlain Valley Fair, VT 2014, series


Hilary Neroni lives in Burlington, VT. She has been photographing since she was a young girl, but her first serious work began in college when she became enamored with what the world looked like through a macro lens. After college, where she majored in theatre but spent as many hours in the dark room as on stage, Neroni deepened her technical skills in medium and large format photography classes. Neroni’s fascination with the image led her on a parallel investigation into film through a Ph.D. in the Cinematic Arts from USC and a subsequent career as a professor teaching film and television studies at the University of Vermont. And though the early demands of this career were somewhat time consuming, Neroni never stopped photographing. Recently, she has rededicated herself to her photography.

These days she finds street photography a style that brings together her early fascination with abstraction and her more current interest in the documentary tradition. Influenced by the traditions of French and American street photography, and buoyed by a recent course in street photography with Peter Turnley, Neroni’s ongoing project focuses on the way that our public gestures can be both documents of our culture and intimate portraits. She is most drawn toward creating character studies even in the instantaneous encounter. (photo: Self Portrait)

Juried Exhibitions:

Bryan Memorial Gallery, VT. “A Photographer’s View of Vermont. Juried Show.” February 8th-March 31st, 2013

“Professional Women Photographer's 37th Anniversary International Women's Juried Exhibition, December 2012,” Juror’s Selection, Juror: Deborah Willis. Selection also published in: Imprints Magazine 2013  

Ten images solicited to be published in THE WORLD OF WOMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS, author: Diane Stec-May. E-book 2013

“Women in the Arts Exhibit at the Chaffee Art Center,” Vermont. Juried show, February 17-March 17, 2012 

“2012 Annual Juried Competition.” Women in Photography International. Juried Online Exhibition, Honorable Mention 

“black & white & color.” Women in Photography International, 30th Anniversary 2011 (Juried online exhibition): Member Choice, Grand Prize Winner & 1st Place category winner in Editorial/Journalism

“Pose and Gesture.” Photo Place Gallery, VT, Juried, Feb 2011, Online Annex

“FACES.” Women in Photography International, October 2010, Juried Online Exhibition, Honorable Mention

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