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Cordula Ohman   

Living an artistic life is my dream …
My creative journey as a self taught painter photographer was inspired by my daughter Christina.

I loved taking pictures of her during her pregnancy with her first child.
Seeing this beautiful young woman walking on the beach, looking like a nordic goddess, demanded capturing the moment, telling her story, '"painting".

When my grandson Christopher was born I couldn't take enough pictures of him. Seeing new life, shiny and bright, the light of God in his eyes.

My sweet little granddaughter Jennifer arrived 9 years later and she is my most recent subject.

In 2012 my friend encouraged me to enter the 'It's Magical' WIPI Competition and to my surprise the juror for sunsets, Stephen Perloff gave my Rothko-like photo an Honorable Mention. That emboldened me to share more of my work.

Born in war-torn Berlin Germany I learned to live in the moment, for the moment. Life taught me to be to able to see the treasures of nature and living. Connected with nature, I want to allow the garden of my mind to be rooted in my soul.

I worked as a Physical Culturist on the Body-Mind-Spirit aspects of myself and others. Through Yoga and Dance I developed a program I call "Stretch-assage," a self-healing, self-empowering system, integrating the spiritual, mental and physical nature of man. A fun acronym I came up with for "Thumbs up" THROUGH HOLISTIC UNDERSTANDING MAN BECOMES SUPERMAN ULTIMATE POWER.

Being a Vegetarian for the last 40 years kindled my desire to grow with nature. As a gardener I joined my local garden committee and was part of creating the "Sustainability Bill of Rights," which the City of Santa Monica adopted. I love living at the beach.

As an environmental activist I had to answer the call for political involvement, when I was elected to the County Council of the Green Party. I enjoy being a part of a group working on real solutions. My grandfather was Grand Master of the Freemasons and opened the door for me to become a member of the Eastern Star. We support many charities, particularly children and veterans.

I am delighted to share some of my moments with you.

UPDATE - APRIL 2015 - MARCH 2016

WIPI - PhotoArt Wall Put Yourself in the Picture group installation -EXHIBIT, photo la 2015
WIPI - i AM women, i AM digital
May 2012, IT'S MAGICAL, SUNSETS - Honorable Mention | juror Stephen Perloff

UPDATE - MARCH 2016 - APRIL 2017

Across the narrowed space of infinity

Soft sweet moments of tenderness, now -

Our breathless life touching -

Not unlike lovers, trembling in ecstasy -

As eternity spills from your eyes,

My soul surges to the stars, reflecting light,

Returning in the softness of your smile.

An open hand to say — I am -

While darkness fades into the morning dew -

To waken once forgotten dreamworlds from within -

Such fragrant petals only soften our fall

And words depart as music in our cloud of one.

While sun-leaved mountains, shaded in the tree of life

Are greened with splendor — valleys giving birth to joy -

Where mysteries emerge from silent lakes of wisdom not forlorn -

Blankets of moss caress our questions once aroused.

We find sweet whispers of our butterfly existence here

Alive and colorful — so strong.

One tastes life's nectar gladly now and thus, we have begun.

Love for nature is an integral part of my soul as this poem from many years ago illustrates.
Living near the ocean, with a lovely view from my window, allows me a constant and joyful interaction
with this vast and exiting body of water...
our magnificent mountains, brilliant skies, our home ...

Mother Earth.
Sunrises and Sunsets...

Amazing cloud formations, painted in the sky, the ever changing moons, what a wonderful collection of images...

An art collector and support to many aspiring artists,
I am now ready to share my own work of poetry and photo images.

WIPI and the inclusion of my pictures in the Beinecke Library ..
(Some whimsical and playful ) has rekindled in me, a desire to express my own creative fire.
I love the medium of photography and my iPhone has become my latest tool of expression.
Dance, poetry and the Healing Arts were my creative outlets for many years and became all consuming.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be among the many talented artists of WIPI, now in the Beinecke Library.
This fabulous community of women, in their expression of subtle strength and support, sharing visions of Art,
Harmony and Balance, is giving me the loving embrace of sisterhood in a common goal.
I am inspired to offer an ever growing commitment of Light and Love.

Peace on Earth,

Cordula Ohman

Women In Photography International Charter Member

Cordula Ohman
Santa Monica, CA
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