Dinner's Ready, Circus Silver Gelatin Series 1



Back Door, Circus Silver Gelatin Series 2

Beauty Time, Crcus Silver Gelatin



Blow Off Ready, Circus Silver Gelatin Series 3



Hold On Girls, Circus Silver Gelatin Series 4



Circus Play, Crcus Silver Gelatin


Game Ready, Circus Silver Gelatin Series 5


Coming At You, Circus Silver Gelatin Series 6


Car's We Grew Up In "Caddy"


To Celebrate Los Angeles That Still Is "Palace"


Candace Biggerstaff

Candace Biggerstaff was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California, as the youngest of five children. Upon receiving a used Aries rangefinder camera on her thirteenth birthday, her passion for photography was born.

When Candace turned 20 she decided to join Circus Vargas with her soon to be husband, and traveled the country with the circus from city to city for almost 2 years. She has always been intrigued and fascinated by the circus and all of its intricacies, which she has portrayed in various ways through her photography.

“My world is seen as a series of photographs. Growing up, my favorite magazine was LIFE. My favorite book was, The Family of Man, having no idea that the incredible Edward Steichen was the photographer. For me the images were an escape from reality, with reality.”

Her most significant influences include Imogen Cunningham, Dorothea Lange, and Henri Cartier Bresson. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley in the late fifties and sixties exhibit the colors and forms she is drawn to photograph. Candace continues to document a variety of Circus’s. She is also currently working on a series of memorable areas of Los Angeles she frequented with her Father and siblings, “To Celebrate Los Angeles That
still is “. Candace worked in the Motion Picture industry for 27 years, at studios such as Paramount, Warner Brothers, Disney and CBS Radford. A career in the industry was satisfying and lucrative, and Candace, alongside her husband, raised their two children in Newbury Park, CA. However, mid career Candace tackled her life long passion, and attended Brooks Institute at the age of 35. She then was able to flourish and realize her talents as a fine art photographer. She expanded her knowledge through various internships and workshops, and even to this day still finds a thirst to learn more about her craft.

Candace is currently a member of Los Angeles Art Association, a member of The Lucie Foundation, Focus On The Masters, and a Charter member of Women In Photography International, and also resides as an “Artist in Residence,” at Studio Channel Islands Art Center, in Camarillo,California.


LAAA.ORG, June 1-June 17 2014 Open show Juried, LBGT Month, Gallery  

Photo LA 2014, Women In Photography International Postcard presentation

LAAA.ORG, December 14 (2013) - January 10 (2014) Open Show, 2013, Juror, Curator, SFMOA

Unlimited: Juror Gary Lang, August 2013, Studio Channel Islands Art Center Gallery, Camarillo, CA

Photo LA 2013, featured Photographer, The American Circus, Curator, Women In Photography International, & "Transportation" digital slide presentation

Women In Photography International, It’s Magical, Honorable Mention, Juror, Jolene Hanson, G2 Gallery, Venice, CA, March 2012

Women In Photography International, Annual Competition, Honorable Mention, Juror, Jean Ferro, Honorable Mention, Juror Susan Spiritus Gallery, Newport, CA, May 2012

T4C Thank you for Creating-CLPROJECTS Los Angeles Downtown Financial Building Brit Week/London Olympics Exhibitor April 2012

Photo LA 2012, Women In Photography International, featured Photographer, The Cars We Grew Up In, Curator,
Footwear Digital Presentation

Floral Anthology, Juror Tony Askew, 2011 Honorable mention,Studio Channel Islands Art Center, Camarillo, CA

Shot Through the Heart: Juror Stephen Schafer, 2011,Third Place, Studio Channel Islands Art Center, Camarillo, CA

Show & Tell, Annual Membership Show, 2011 Second place,Studio Channel Islands Art Center, Camarillo, CA

WIPI 30th Anniversary presentation photo la 2011, curator, Carol Henry,

Small Works, Juror Arlene Mead, 2010 Honorable Mention, Studio Channel Islands Art Center, Camarillo, CA

Photo LA, 2003, Women In Photography International print exhibition/auction, curator Jean Ferro


ADDY Award, Ventura County Advertising Federation
Photo la, 2012, 2013, Curator, Women In Photography International


Trailer Parks
Los Angeles Memories
Vintage Automobiles


Artist In Residence, Studio Channel Islands Art Center, Camarillo
Charter Member Of Women In Photography International
Member of Los Angeles Art Association


Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, California 1993-1995
Los Angeles Valley College, Van Nuys, California 1973-1975
Internships, John C. Lewis Fine Art Photographer,
Paul Jonason, Architectural Photographer
Carol Henry, Apprentice Study

UPDATE - JULY 2015 - MARCH 2016

Candace Biggerstaff has had extraordinary help from friends and family to follow her dream of photography. Her daughter,Callie Biggerstaff has been by her side doing all things possible and physical to help her mother pursue her passion. After many years of being physically limited, her condition has progressively worsened the last 9 years.Candace has decided to devote all her time to taking care of her physical limitations. Her goal is with a sabbatical, she will be able to return to her passion and finish her photography series that was started in the early 1990’s, with her daughter.

UPDATE: Photographer response - NO NEW UPDATES APRIL 2017

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Dear Jean,
I was I down an only using phone for contacts.
I am sorry I couldn't update my web address.I had no idea someone else bought it.
I have contacted go daddy to buy back my name...candacebiggerstaff.
That hasn't happened yet, someone in France has it.
I bought a new domain name , but do not have anything on it as of yet.
I know you tried and tried and I am so sorry I wasn't able to reply. I get it it is my loss, not yours. Sorry to waste your time.
I know the update time is over. This was not my intention, I just didn't know what to do.
I hope to talk soon.

Women In Photography International Charter Member

Candace Biggerstaff
Camarillo, CA
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UPDATE: Photographer response - JULY 2015 - MARCH 2016
UPDATE: Photographer response - NO NEW UPDATES APRIL 2017

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