As a native of the Midwest, I grew up in an agricultural family business. One day, while up in our attic, I found an old 120-roll camera. I was like 10 years old. Little did I know where that old roll camera would take me! I had no idea that 30 years later, I’d be a Photographic Artist. My work has been in high school and college yearbooks, along with book publishers.

I guess it really begin with a 120 roll camera, a local 4-H club and county fairs, where I won several champion trips to the Minnesota State Fair. The National 4-H Congress in Washington D.C. Professional state photo shows. Hey, I was only 15 at the time. How many 15 year old's are taken seriously? After winning a big show at the state level, that prize money was used to get a 35MM camera, which I still own today, a Minolta XG1.

Just a few months after getting that camera, I started sending out photos to companies like publisher McGraw-Hill. I just kept sending images, they kept me engaged by replying, “we like this shot or that shot.” Finally, one letter had an offer, the first sale, and a book cover. Over the years, that editor at McGraw-Hill kept in contact with me until their retirement. Throughout this relationship, over 35 years, it’s been a huge boost to my desire to continue this work.

In May of 2014 after many years of working in Higher Ed my job suddenly ended it is hear in the craft of photography that has once again come to rescue and nourish me as it did when I started way back as a teenager. I have always wanted to devote a set period of time to focus not only on my photography but that of cultivating a spiritual center. It is hear where the two actually have meet each other. Now almost a year later the two seam to weave new life daily into my fine art and freelance work.
Spirituality cultivates the depth of imagination, courage, and service needed to transform an unjust world.


Future Lab Solo show East Boston
WIPI PhotoLA-2015 “Put Yourself in the Picture" group installation

Post Road Art Center, Marlboro, Ma “Summer Themed Exhibit”
Amazing Things Arts Center, Framingham, Ma
WIPI PhotoLA-2014 Post Card and Online group Presentation

Brandies University Kniznick Gallery Faculty/staff show. Waltham, Ma
Amazing Things Art Center, Framingham, Ma
Best of show, Solo show, People’s choice Awards
Brandies University Kniznick Gallery Faculty/ staff show. Waltham, Ma
Sunny Side café, Westerville, OH

2010 FACES Juried Competition, Honorable Mention group "Sixty 60-69"

2009-2010 Community Outreach

The Bolton Fair, Bolton, MA

South Shore Arts Center, Cohasset, MA
“Photography Now “Juried by Henry Horenstein

Professional Photographers Show/gold ward Student Division, Denver, CO

Nicollet County Fair, St Peter, MN
Minnesota 4-H State Fair, St Paul, MN
Minnesota Living lights show, St Paul, MN

UPDATE - JULY 2015 - MARCH 2016

Gradually I am starting to rebuild a business in photography. I had a solo show with Future Lab in East Boston, Ma in April of 2015. Work featured there were from collections titled Carnivals, small works (10) 5x7 (1) 16x20 (Featured work in WIPI Yale Beinecke Charter Gallery) Mystic Meditations, small (12) 4x6 Prof Prints pined to the wall (future gallery show) (4) 20x30 B/W Silver RC prints of carnival food stands. Two photos were juried in to the yearly show at Amazing things Arts in Framingham, Ma. (Juror was Linda J Hirsch, photos were from the carnival series 5x7 and Mystic Meditations Blue Daises 8x12 Canvas.

I’ve joined forces with a small studio co coop with in the Boston Photo Center Studio and Banafaheh Ehtemam Artist Creative Consultant. Plans there are to do more studio and commercial work in the upcoming years and say goodbye to the corp daily grind. Dream goal being able to mentor up and coming talent that like me got lost in my early years.

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I think( this is the biggest change that relay needs to happen)
Belinda Jentz- Art photographer

Women in Photography International Charter Member 2006

Belinda Jentz
waltham, ma

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